Could The Walking Dead Bring Glenn Back? Here's What Scott Gimple Says

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Glenn Rhee was a fixture on The Walking Dead for the first six seasons, and perhaps no death has been quite as impactful as his in the Season 7 premiere. Fans were devastated at the loss, even those who knew from the comics that he was probably going to die sooner rather than later. Naturally, many of us have been wondering if there's a way for Steven Yeun to return as Glenn at some point. Now, showrunner Scott Gimple has an answer:

[It's] certainly possible. I'd be silly to say it isn't.

There's certainly precedent for actors reprising characters who have quite definitively been killed off. Sarah Wayne Callies was back to play a hallucination version of Lori shortly after Lori's death, and Michael Cudlitz had a major part to play in the Season 7 finale despite Abraham dying in the Season 7 premiere. Scott Gimple's admission that it's possible for Glenn to return really could mean that we'll see him again, even if it's not among the living.

If Glenn does show up again on The Walking Dead in some way, shape, or form, I hope it's not under the same circumstances as Abraham's return in the Season 7 finale. Abraham was back in Sasha's memories as she was dying; I'd much rather Glenn not show up just to hasten Maggie off to the great zombie apocalypse sanctuary in the sky, especially since she's pregnant.

As it happens, Scott Gimple also addressed Maggie in his chat with TVLine, saying this about the prospect of viewers seeing the baby's birth in Season 8:

She might not be that close. Things have been moving pretty quickly, but not a lot of time has passed.

Given the way Maggie was running around in the melee (complete with tiger) in the Season 7 finale, it's a good thing she's not showing yet. We've already seen with Lori that pregnancy in the zombie apocalypse is a dangerous thing, especially once the pregnancy has progressed to the stage where it's physically impeding the mom's movements. Maggie might not have survived the battle if she was far enough along in her pregnancy to give birth in Season 8. Honestly, for Lauren Cohan's sake, my fingers are crossed that most of Maggie's pregnancy takes place over a hiatus between seasons. Filming The Walking Dead sounds difficult enough without needing to wear a baby bump.

Unfortunately, we won't find out for a while if we will see Glenn again or how far along Maggie is in her pregnancy. Season 7 has only just come to an end, and Season 8 won't kick off until October. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in The Walking Dead news over the coming months, and be sure to check out our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule to discover your viewing options over hiatus. For an update on current shows' fates, take a look at our rundown of 2017 TV cancellations and renewals as well.

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