DC's New Titans TV Show Confirms Another Badass Comic Hero

DC has had a strong presence on the small screen over the past several years, largely thanks to the ever-expanding roster of superhero series over on The CW. We just learned that DC is getting even bigger by launching its own digital streaming service, on which it will finally debut the long-awaited Titans TV show that will feature some of the most unforgettable characters in DC history. Now, DC Comics president Geoff Johns has revealed another one of the heroes who will join the Titans lineup:

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Geoff Johns' post on Twitter revealed that we will get to see a brand new version of Beast Boy when Titans debuts on the DC digital platform in 2018. We haven't gotten too many details about the series, so confirmation that the shape-changing Beast Boy himself will be a part of the superhero team is definitely reason to get excited. Beast Boy will join Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, as he departs from the Bat-legacy to form a brand new team of crime-fighters. Starfire and Raven are also expected to appear, but nobody at DC has yet released a full lineup of heroes who will join Nightwing and now Beast Boy.

beast boy justice league vs. teen titans

It's actually not a huge shock that Beast Boy will be included in Titans. He was a member of the lineup in the comics, appeared with the Titans in recent DC animated movies, and was a key part of the Young Justice Titans-esque team in Season 2. It should be interesting to see if the Titans version of Beast Boy will be aged up somewhat. The new series will be live action, and a live action series might not be able to get away with sending a boy into battle as easily an animated series.

I'm curious to see how Titans will pull off Beast Boy and other superpowered characters in action. Dick Grayson's abilities as Nightwing shouldn't be too difficult for Titans to manage; if Arrow can pull off epic stunts with a non-superpowered hero, certainly Titans can do the same. It may not be easy (or cheap) for the show to deliver an ongoing series starring a cast of characters with a variety of superpowers. Beast Boy's ability to change into different animals alone will take a lot of special effects, to say nothing of Starfire, Raven, and any others that Titans chooses to incorporate.

We'll have to wait and see what other characters make the Titans team. There probably aren't too many that are totally off-limits, given that the show will be produced directly for the DC Comics digital platform. Young Justice Season 3 will also debut on the platform, presumably with Nightwing and Co. included, so it's clear that DC doesn't object to having multiple versions of the same character in its lineup. Who knows? Maybe we'll even get versions of characters that currently exist in The CW's DC universe. I know I'm hoping that Kid Flash (who is currently zipping around Central City on The Flash) returns to Young Justice somehow, and Roy as Arsenal deserves to make a comeback somewhere.

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