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Supergirl Star Katie McGrath Really Wants Jason Momoa To Guest Star

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Superheroes are all the rage nowadays, on the big screen and the small screen alike. With the Justice League taking shape in film and the Arrow-verse bringing in new heroes all the time, there are plenty of iconic DC Comics characters being brought to life. Katie McGrath, who plays the lovely Lena Luthor on The CW's Supergirl, recently spoke with CinemaBlend, and when I asked which DC actor she would love to see drop by National City on Earth-38, she had this to say:

Jason Momoa, because I've worked with him before and I love him. He gives the best hugs and he's the nicest man. And he is the actor I've worked with the most that has surprised me. You have a preconceived notion about who he is because of what he looks like and he comes in and he acts you off the screen. So I'd love to see him in any role. He doesn't have to be Aquaman. I don't care. He can come in and stand in the back of a shot and hold a pint of Guinness if he wants. He's just a delight to be on set with. I think everyone would watch that. The man is a god. He is a sea god, an actual god.

Who wouldn't want to watch Jason Momoa swing by Supergirl for an episode? He's a proven talent in film and television, although he wouldn't exactly be able to get away with everything on Supergirl that he could pull off on Game of Thrones. The Aquaman actor is a matter of months away from making a big entrance in the Justice League movie, and there's no doubt that he's going to be one of the biggest names in the superhero genre. Plus, he apparently gives fantastic hugs! Given that Supergirl has brought in genre legends ranging from Lynda Carter to Dean Cain, why not Jason Momoa? As Katie McGrath says, he wouldn't necessarily need to play Aquaman. The DC movie and TV universes are officially separate.

That said, it wouldn't necessarily be impossible for Jason Momoa to turn up as a version of Aquaman, if we're dreaming big. Aquaman hasn't been explicitly mentioned in the Arrow-verse, but Atlantis has been established as existing above water on Earth-2 thanks to The Flash, and The Flash and Supergirl both exist in the same multiverse, so it stands to reason that somewhere in the multiverse, there is a version of Atlantis that sank and would eventually be ruled by Aquaman, right? Stranger things have happened when it comes to comic book adaptations. Honestly, an Aquaman who rules the ocean while drinking Guinness could even work. We already know what Jason Momoa is capable of when he has some Guinness in hand.

Katie McGrath teamed up with Jason Momoa for the Netflix series Frontier, and Momoa evidently made a great impression on her as an actor. A reunion on Supergirl would be pretty fun to see, no matter what character he would possibly play. Unfortunately, a guest appearance by Momoa hasn't happened in Season 2, but who knows? Maybe he can drop by National City to throw back a few pints with the whole team next season. Katie McGrath will be back as a regular, so no matter what happens, we should see plenty of Lena.

You can catch Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor in the Supergirl Season 2 finale, which airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news, and don't forget to check out our summer TV premiere schedule to discover all your viewing options now and in the coming weeks. Be sure to drop by our rundowns for cable/streaming and broadcast TV renewals and cancellations as well. Our TV season finale schedule can give you all you need to know about your shows ending.

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