How Good Girls Revolt Could Come Back For Season 2 Despite Cancellation

Good Girls Revolt

Almost a year ago, Amazon cancelled Good Girls Revolt, a Mad Men-esque period drama set in the 60s and told from the point of view of women in the workforce. Debuting on Amazon, the show had only aired one season before the streaming service pulled the plug. A lot has changed in Hollywood since Good Girls Revolt was cancelled, and recent developments in the news may have opened the door for the series to return. Coupled with vocal fans on social media, Good Girls Revolt is currently being shopped around other networks.

Deadline has heard that things are looking better than ever for Season 2 of Good Girls Revolt. Word on the street is that Sony TV, who produced the series, is preparing a pitch for a new season. The renewed interest in Good Girls Revolt can likely be credited to two reasons: the outing of several men who have been accused of sexual harassment in Hollywood, and fan demand.

Over the past few weeks, several actors, producers, and executives (such as Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, and Andrew Kreisberg) have been suspended or fired over multiple accusations of sexual harassment. One of these men is former Amazon Studios boss Roy Price, who was let go after he was accused of sexual harassment by a female producer. The cancellation of Good Girls Revolt has largely fallen on Price, who the show's creator, Dana Calvo, claims never liked the show and didn't even watch the first season before he cancelled it.

Price's firing was soon met with vocal fans who got Good Girls Revolt trending on social media soon after. Good Girls Revolt, which deals with gender inequality and sexual harassment, is arguably more timely now then when it debuted, and a grassroots campaign has started to get a second season. The buzz reached several TV studios, and Sony TV apparently received calls from multiple outlets interested in picking up the series. Dana Calvo and the show's original producing team are reportedly all on board to return, and the lead actors have expressed their own desire to come back on social media. No deals, however, are currently in place.

If Good Girls Revolts were to get a second season, it won't necessarily pick up where Season 1 left off. Deadline reports that it would be in the same setting with the same subject matter and the same characters, but would be tailored to whatever network picks it up.

The cancellation of Good Girls Revolt was always seen as an odd move by Amazon. The show received positive reviews and was ranked as one of Amazon's biggest series ever amongst women. In the demographic of women 18-49, Good Girls Revolt was the second biggest debut season for an Amazon series (behind The Man in the High Castle) and had an 80% completion rate.

Regardless of why it was cancelled, this is a pretty remarkable story and if a second season does happen, it could be one of the most significant revivals in recent TV memory. Stay with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you posted on new updates. In the meantime, stay informed with our fall TV season premiere and cancellation guides.

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