Another year of television has come to an end, and there have been more options than ever of what to watch on the small screen. Between network TV, basic cable, premium channels, and streaming services, there were a lot of TV shows to choose from. As somebody who spends a lot of time watching and writing about all things TV, I have my fair share of favorites that had me laughing, crying, rewinding, and frantically turning on closed captioning to make sure that certain twists really did happen. Now, as 2017 winds down, the time has come to look back at the best of what the past year had to offer. In the spirit of the season, read on for my picks of the 10 best shows of 2017!

The Good Doctor, ABC

The Good Doctor is a show that could have gone wrong very, very easily. Medical dramas have been done time and time again, and not all of them are able to stick out from the crowd. The Good Doctor succeeds by putting a twist on what could have been a tired formula and casting an immensely talented group of actors. Freddie Highmore carries the show as Shaun Murphy, who is a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. The actor who had previously been known best for playing Norman Bates tackles the complex role fabulously. Richard Schiff of The West Wing is as awesome as ever as Shaun's mentor, and the rest of Shaun's peers manage to challenge him in intriguing ways. I didn't get into The Good Doctor until it had already been on the air a few weeks, but now I'm totally hooked. There's no wonder that it's one of the 10 most-watched scripted shows of fall 2017.

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