How Star Wars Rebels' Characters And Stories Can Continue Beyond The Finale

Star Wars Rebels has come to an end after four seasons on Disney XD, and the series finale did a solid job of wrapping up the various arcs and delivering some degree of closure. Still, there's plenty of room left in the grand Star Wars saga for these characters to continue their stories beyond the end of Rebels, and there are plenty of Star Wars projects yet to come. Read on for our picks of ways Star Wars Rebels' characters and arcs can continue in the aftermath of the finale!

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Jacen Syndulla In The Sequel Trilogy Era

One of the biggest shockers of the Rebels series finale came in the final moments when the epilogue revealed that Hera and Kanan had conceived a child before he died and Hera was actually pregnant for the last several episodes of Season 4. Jacen Syndulla would have been a few years old during the Battle of Endor, making him only a bit older than Poe Dameron. He could easily still be alive in the era of the sequel trilogy. As Kanan's son, he could be Force sensitive, and we can be sure that Hera taught her son everything she knows about flying. Of course, given what Kylo Ren did to all of Luke's Jedi students and the state of the Resistance at the end of The Last Jedi, we have to hope that Jacen wasn't training to be a Jedi or serving as an active Resistance pilot. The timing could be perfect for Jacen to play a role in any Star Wars projects set in the sequel trilogy era or perhaps even in the third installment of the trilogy.

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Sabine And Ahsoka's Excellent Adventure

The one major story of Star Wars Rebels that went unresolved in the series finale was of what happened to Ezra and Thrawn when the purrgil took them to parts unknown via hyperspace. Sabine was determined to find Ezra and bring him home, and Ahsoka turned up on Lothal to join her on her mission. These two as a team getting into and out of trouble in the Star Wars saga could be a lot of fun and work on resolving the Ezra/Thrawn cliffhanger on the small screen. Who says Rey has to be the first Star Wars character to go on a quest to track down a mysteriously absent Jedi? We can only hope that Ezra would be a little more welcoming to his old friends than Luke was to his visitors in The Last Jedi. More Sabine and Ahsoka could only be a good thing.

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Ezra And Thrawn In The Unknown

Another major shocker from the series finale came when Ezra and Thrawn disappeared into hyperspace in the climax of a huge battle thanks to the purrgil. The sudden disappearance of the show's protagonist and arguably its grandest villain meant that we didn't really get closure on either of their stories, which leaves the door wide open for their stories to continue in another TV show or even a movie. Rebels head honcho Dave Filoni has confirmed that both characters survived their encounter with the purrgil. A new project focusing on them could be pretty fabulous, whether it's the two working together to face off against a larger third party threat, Thrawn escaping and Ezra chasing him throughout the Unknown Regions, or a sort of Rebels\_2.0_ conflict between them. Such a project could totally reintroduce Sabine and Ahsoka as well.

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Kanan And Hera In Solo

Despite the fact that Kanan didn't appear in the Star Wars Rebels finale, the final episode still managed to deliver a huge Kanan twist with the reveal that he and Hera conceived a child before he died. The reveal that they made an adorable little hybrid baby together almost certainly means that they were hooking up on the sly over the years in a romantic relationship that probably started back before they started adding new members to the Ghost crew. The timing could be absolutely perfect for the two to appear in the upcoming Solo anthology movie, even if only for a few moments or as a cameo. An appearance in Solo could provide more of Kanan, who won't be able to appear in any Star Wars content set after the end of Rebels unless as a memory, dream, or Force ghost. Also, Solo could presumably show more shenanigans between young Kanan and Hera -- romantic or otherwise -- than could be done on Disney XD with the two parents of the Ghost crew.

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Anthology Installments

With the exception of Ezra, the Ghost family and the majority of their friends got surprisingly happy endings. Hera had a son she clearly loved very much, Rex was still alive and in the mix, Zeb took his mortal enemy-turned-BFF Kallus to Lira San where he was welcomed by the very forgiving Lasat... even Sabine got a semi-happy ending despite not knowing what happened to Ezra. A Star Wars anthology series could return the Rebels characters to the action without ruining their happy endings. After The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi pretty thoroughly ruined the happy ending of Return of the Jedi, Star Wars fans deserve a project that preserves the happy endings of other characters. Give us Zeb and Kallus running into trouble en route to Lira San or Hera mixing it up with the larger Rebel Alliance in the original trilogy era!

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Force Ghost Edition

Who says Star Wars has to be serious about everything and spend all of its projects expanding Force lore and pitting the forces of good against evil? I say that the franchise should totally invest in a version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that features Force ghosts watching old Star Wars projects and commenting on the action. With MST3K: Force Ghost Edition, we could have Kanan hanging out with some of his Jedi pals who died back in the Jedi Purge to weigh in on everything from The Clone Ways to the movies to Star Wars Rebels itself. It would be fun to see some of the more traditional Jedi ribbing Kanan about his unconventional choices as a gunslinger Jedi, not the least of which was the one that led to the creation of Jacen. Will MST3K: Force Ghost edition ever happen? Almost certainly not, but it's fun to imagine all the dead Jedi squabbling over the saga. I would watch that!

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