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No stranger to ending great shows too soon, Fox broke all kinds of TV fans' hearts with the quick-succession cancellations of comedies The Last Man on Earth, The Mick, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Nothing further has happened with the former two, but some pretty amazing news has surfaced about B99, as it appears there are several other interested parties that may step in to save the show from its doomed fate. I'm really gonna need this news to be as no-nonsense as Holt is.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine lasted for five seasons on Fox, and if all the proper cards are played right, we could see Season 6 getting ordered up by one of four different interested parties that reportedly contacted production company Universal TV. NBC was the only other big broadcast network to reach out, and its interest is understandable, considering NBC and Universal TV have the same parent company. As well, Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Mike Schur also created the widely acclaimed NBC comedy The Good Place, and he's also executive producing the upcoming sitcom Abby's, which the network just ordered to series this week. So there's definitely a connection there. Not to mention NBC is the only other big network where Brooklyn Nine-Nine's abject silliness wouldn't feel out of place. (Can you imagine Charles and Gina on CBS?)

Another linear TV possibility is TBS. Its president Kevin Reilly spearheaded Brooklyn Nine-Nine's development when he was a Fox exec some years ago, so he obviously knows all about how great it is. Plus, TBS already airs the show's off-network repeats, and one can assume they're doing quite well for the cabler if Reilly has expressed interest in possibly making new Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes.

On the streaming side, both Hulu and Netflix have apparently reached out as well. Similar to TBS, Hulu would make a lot of sense, as it holds the SVOD rights for Brooklyn Nine-Nine's past seasons. And the service doesn't have any goofy comedies on the same level, so it would be a nice addition to its growing original programming lineup. Netflix, meanwhile, has worked with Universal TV on other shows, including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and it's currently gearing up to debut a new season of Arrested Development, which was one of the first major "saved from cancellation" revivals that kicked off the ongoing trend. Netflix has done the same with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Longmire and several more, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine wouldn't be out of place among all the other comedies Netflix has.

While Universal TV has yet to go public with its direction, THR reports that the studio is ready to do what's necessary to bring the show back to its fans, many of whom were very vocal about their anger over the cancellation. The video below is proof enough of why this show needs to live on at least until Terry Crews is unable to flex his pecs on command.

So it'll be a waiting game for now to see what happens next with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but fans should voice their opinions about where the show should end up next, to make sure Universal TV is absolutely sure viewers will follow it wherever it goes. And in the meantime, tune into the finale two episodes of Season 5, airing Sunday nights on Fox at 8:30 p.m. ET. Plus, our summer premiere schedule will clue you in on everything that's hitting primetime soon.