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The cancellation of Lucifer earlier this month devastated viewers everywhere, as all signs seemed to point toward the show continuing its story in a fourth season. A few days after the heartbreaking news broke, the finale aired and ended on a cliffhanger, some unfinished arcs, and a whole lot of questions that fans would love to see answered. Kevin Alejandro, who plays good old Detective Dan Espinoza on Lucifer, told CinemaBlend about the #1 arc he'd have wanted to see finished in Season 4:

I would like to see the arc of how Chloe reacts and deals with knowing that he is genuinely the Devil. And I would like it to end in a way that the audience... I don't want it to end in a happy way. I want it to be sort of destroying, in a way. But that's just me, the dark side of me. They're my favorite storyline. I love those guys, I think they're awesome together.

Like many fans of the series, Kevin Alejandro would want to see closure on the killer Season 3 finale cliffhanger that saw Chloe finally coming face-to-face with the reality that Lucifer is truly the devil. After Lucifer killed Pierce and told him that he'd be sent to Hell for eternity, his Devil face finally returned in all its fiery glory... just in time for Chloe to arrive and see him as she'd never seen him before. The stories about her pal Lucifer as the Lucifer are all true, and she barely had time to react before the credits rolled. Unless Lucifer is rescued by another platform after its cancellation by Fox, fans may never get to see for themselves what would have happened.

Of course, the arc of Chloe facing Lucifer as the Devil almost certainly wouldn't be a lighthearted romp despite their recent romantic moments. The course of true love never did run smooth even without the Devil in the mix with an LAPD detective, and Dan probably wouldn't be in a place to be especially helpful with helping either of them figure out how to deal with each other. After the penultimate episode saw the tragic death of Charlotte, Dan isn't in the best place. Kevin Alejandro went on to say how Dan would have dealt with his new status quo in Season 4:

If we went for a Season 4, I know that that's it for Dan. He struggles a little darker, a little harder, a little deeper than he should and blames Lucifer for everything that's happened. It's not easy on him. I was really hoping that the audience could see that character go down that avenue and see if he's able to come out of it.

Well, audiences likely won't get to see Dan deal with any darkness in the aftermath of the finale on Fox, but there's still hope that Lucifer could get a second life somewhere else. Fans on social media have been working overtime on a campaign to #SaveLucifer, and the outcry against the cancellation has been going strong for nearly two weeks now. Tom Ellis, a.k.a. Lucifer himself, hasn't given up on the show finding a new home, and Kevin Alejandro revealed that there are some very influential parties invested in keeping Lucifer going if it could fit on another outlet.

The good news (for now) is that Fox still has a couple of new Lucifer episodes to hit the airwaves. Two standalone episodes were produced with the intention that they would air during the fourth season; Fox is airing them back-to-back in a two-hour event on Monday, May 28 starting at 8 p.m. ET. Perhaps the reception to these episodes will be enough to push another outlet to make the decision to revive Lucifer. If a second life doesn't happen for Lucifer, Kevin Alejandro revealed some actors and characters he would have liked to work with more:

I would have loved to work with Rachael Harris more. I love her, I think she's hilarious. I would've loved to see a really legitimate darkness develop between Maze and Dan. They started with it when they did the whole, 'Remember the time when we killed that guy together?' And we weren't able to revisit it in this season. I think it was something that was gonna potentially come back up. I would have liked that relationship to go down in a dark way. It would have been cool. And of course I love every moment I'm on screen with Tom [Ellis] and Lauren [German]. That's my people.

Even if Lucifer doesn't score another season to wrap up its story, we can always have fun imagining what might have happened with more scenes between Dan and Maze or Dan and Linda. There are plenty of dark avenues that could have been worth exploring, especially in the aftermath of that cliffhanger and in the wake of Charlotte's death. Be sure to tune in to Fox on Monday, May 28 at 8 p.m. ET to catch the two standalone episodes of Lucifer. Kevin Alejandro directed the second episode, which will be unlike anything Lucifer fans have seen on the show before. Don't forget to check out our summer TV premiere guide for your viewing options once Lucifer has come to an end.

Head on over to the next page to discover Kevin Alejandro's thoughts on the love triangle storyline!

Season 3 saw a lot of developments for various relationships on Lucifer, and many of those developments were more tragic than anything else. When I asked Kevin Alejandro if he was satisfied with how the love triangle storyline was resolved, he told me this:

Oh my gosh, yeah! I think our writers are so good at creating these different arcs and then pulling 'em out from under you and taking in a direction you didn't think you were going. Yeah, I loved it. I think it's awesome. And I think where they've taken Dan, with that whole relationship with Charlotte, I think was devastating and beautiful and exactly the kind of story that the audience needed. That the characters needed to grow.

Happy endings simply aren't always what viewers need out of a story, even if they might prefer to think about happily-ever-afters at times. Lucifer excels at developing darkness as well as humor and supernatural stories, and the resolution of the love triangle in addition to the nuances of Dan's relationship with Charlotte meant that viewers had a lot of character development to enjoy.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in Lucifer news, and join us in crossing our fingers that the show gets picked up by another outlet sooner rather than later!

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