What Supergirl Will Think About Batwoman's Kate Kane, According To The Executive Producer

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The Arrow-verse is finally getting batty in the 2018-2019 TV season thanks to the upcoming introduction of Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman. As an openly lesbian superhero who just so happens to come with "Bat" attached to her, Batwoman is getting people excited for what's to come. She won't debut until the big Arrow-verse crossover (which will be missing one show this time around), but there's already plenty of buzz around her. At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, the Supergirl team was asked what Supergirl and Alex would make of Batwoman, and executive producer Sarah Schechter had this to say:

I think strong women like each other and strong women support each other. And I think that they definitely have different ways of behaving in the world, but I think ultimately they all agree that women should be in charge.

Why shouldn't these three ladies get along? They're all superheroes in their own right, although Supergirl brings a bunch of superpowers to the table, Alex brings skills in combat and strategy, and Batwoman will probably bring everything a Bat fan could possibly want. Kate Kane may not share Kara's optimism and altruism and she may not have the same kind of motivation as Alex, but we can bet that she'll be a superhero who can more than hold her own. Why should differences keep them from working together?

Even if these three women may not be on the same page on every single issue, Sarah Schechter believes that they'll like and support each other. All we need is to bring back Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsdin, and the Arrow-verse will enjoy an abundance of girl power in the crossover. Sign me up!

All of this said, details about Kate Kane as Batwoman in the Arrow-verse are still few and far between. At this point, it's not even clear if she'll be active on Earth-1 or Earth-38 or one of the other Earths that haven't been explored yet despite The Flash pulling versions of Harrison Wells from just about everywhere in the multi-verse. Kara has established that Batman exists on Earth-38, so it wouldn't be altogether shocking if Batwoman exists as well.

Arrow dropped some Earth-1 Bat clues last season, what with Oliver mentioning Bruce Wayne and Gotham City. We can only speculate about how Batwoman will operate and whether she'll share much backstory with her DC Comics counterpart. What has been announced is that Kate will be openly lesbian like her comic counterpart, and she'll don the Batwoman outfit to create a stir on the streets of Gotham -- no, not that Gotham -- and battle the criminals of the underworld who are rising to seize power again.

Batwoman will bring baggage along with formidable fighting skills. If all goes well, she could get a show of her own. Arrow-verse architect Greg Berlanti has a Batwoman TV show in development. We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully we can count on Kara and Alex getting some time with Kate during the big crossover. Who knows? Maybe Emily Bett Rickards will get her wish and all the ladies of the Arrow-verse will get to hang out with the newest vigilante on the scene.

The Arrow-verse crossover won't air until December, but we can cross our fingers that more details about Batwoman are available ahead of time. Supergirl will be back much sooner in a new time slot, and you can find the details on The CW's fall premiere schedule. If you're still in the market for current and upcoming shows, take a gander at our summer TV guide.

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