Adrianne Palicki Promises The Orville Season 2 Is Even Better In Quality

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The Orville is about to return for its second season, and one of its stars is teasing a significant development. The show will be enhancing things in Season 2, according to Adrianne Palicki, with new adventures out scaling the first, and the drama getting all the more dramatic. Promoting the sci-fi series' second installment, Palicki said:

Season 1 of every show, you're kind of just figuring it out, right? We were all so happy that it worked so well in the first place. [In Season 2] the journeys are bigger and more intense. This year it genuinely feels like we're making mini-movies per episode, and the quality is a little different.

Mini-movies? Fans will undoubtedly be delighted to hear what Adrianne Palicki told TV Guide. She makes an excellent point about shows finding their rhythm in Season 1. By the time, Season 2 rolls around, shows like The Orville have a much better sense of what works and what does not, and can emphasize the elements of the former category in the writing.

The idea of mini-movies sounds like a pretty epic development for the Fox series, which has impressed fans with its unique tone. Rather than being a straight goofy comedy, it actually does handle drama well along with some interesting sci-fi concepts. In a positive sign, the potential for a third season is also in the air.

Adrianne Palicki is not the only who has referred to The Orville's second season putting off movie vibes either. The series' creator, Seth MacFarlane, also hinted at a similar development at this year's San-Diego Comic-Con. Like Palicki, MacFarlane also affirmed that the series will have found its footing in Season 2. He also seemed hopeful that fans would receive the sci-fi series' second installment favorably.

The Orville is closer than ever to its return. Based on what is already known about Season 2, there is a lot of reason to be excited about what's about to abound. Earlier this year, fans learned that The Orville would play host to a pretty awesome reunion: Gossip Girl co-stars Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr. The actresses starred opposite each other on the teen soap, and their characters often clashed on that show. Their dynamic in Season 2 of The Orville is unknown, however. Szohr is a series regular in The Orville's second season, while Meester will be stopping by as a guest star.

A lot of details about the episode have not been shared at this time. Fans are close to finding out everything. Suffice it to say; it can only be a fun thing for fans of both The Orville and The CW drama. There is another reunion that would be cool for The Orville to take on in the future. Adrianne Palicki and Jesse Plemons!

The two played lovestruck teens Tyra and Landry on the cult favorite Friday Night Lights. In another neat twist, Jesse Plemons starred in Black Mirror's much-buzzed-about episode "USS Callister." Perhaps, Plemons would be interested in delving back into sci-fi with The Orville? He certainly has the experience, and maybe there could even be some kind of multiverse crossover. Most important, though, would be reteaming with Adrianne Palicki, as the two of them were always great together on the NBC drama. It is something to keep in mind as The Orville continues its run.

Second seasons tend to be do-or-die moments for series. With Adrianne Palicki so confident about Season 2's quality, it sounds as though it will be a "do" moment for The Orville.

The Orville's second season premieres December 30th following a game of NFL football. From there, the series can be seen in the new year starting Thursday, January 3 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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