Vikings Finale Trailer Sets Up Ivar And Bjorn's Huge Showdown

Warning: Spoilers pertaining to the latest episode of Vikings Season 5B lie ahead.

Who’s ready for a rematch? Vikings is! The History drama is getting fans ramped up for the Season 5B finale in a major way. The teaser for it sets up Ivar and Bjorn’s huge showdown. Check out the promo below:

Pretty exciting stuff! The build-up to Bjorn and Ivar’s big battle for Kattegat has been teased throughout the second half of Season 5 on Vikings. Now, all of that tension is about to come to a head. Entitled “Ragnarok,” the finale will see the sons of Ragnar converging for a rematch.

Will there be a new champion? Ivar’s victory at the end of Season 5’s first half ushered Vikings into its darkest age yet. Will Ragnar’s first-born son, Bjorn, manage to overcome his younger brother?

Bjorn is coming with many allies that support his cause, including his new wife. Also among them is the wild card known as Harald. As seen in the penultimate episode of Season 5B, Bjorn and Harald are not the most solid alliance in Vikings history. Whether Harald will remain loyal to Bjorn is a giant question mark at this point.

Bjorn will need more than brawn to back up his takedown of Ivar. It will require wit as the latter is ominously crafty. As can be seen in the promo, Ivar orders that his troops attempt to burn Bjorn’s forces alive. At the 20-second mark, it seems to be having Ivar’s desired effect.

By the end of the promo, things do not look good for Bjorn. Covered in blood, he can be seen on the ground yelling, as someone brandishes a weapon (it appears to be an ax) near his face. Then, there is this extended glimpse of the brothers’ battle. Check it out below:

Ivar’s archers do not seem to be doing a lot of damage to Bjorn’s forces. So, Ivar will definitely have a fight on his hands. For Vikings to bring the viewers on this journey, only to have Ivar succeed, would be shocking. Logic says that something has to give.

The episode’s title hints at the possibility of there being a significant death count in the Vikings finale. As long-time viewers know, that is not a shocking premise to imagine. The Norse mythos of Ragnarök tells of an apocalyptic-style chapter in the world. Will Vikings’ storyline reflect that? The title was not chosen by accident.

Maybe it is wishful thinking. However, this viewer thinks that Ivar’s time on the throne of Kattegat will finally come to an end in Vikings’ season finale. If that is the case, there is only one response this fan can offer: it is about time!

Find out which of Ragnar’s sons wins when the Season 5B finale of Vikings airs next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings is among many series that have aired new episodes during the early midseason.

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