Shadowhunters Returns For Final Episodes, With Clary Changed Forever

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Clary Fray has been through a lot, and it has changed her. After getting caught in the explosion that sent Shadowhunters off in a huge way, Clary will be altered forever. Katherine McNamara teased Clary’s headspace in Shadowhunters’ final episodes, saying:

She will never, ever be the same. What happened during the explosion and before the explosion changes Clary forever, and she can never get back to being the person she was.

For fans of how Clary used to be, what Katherine McNamara told TVLine may be ominous news. When the second half of Shadowhunters’ final season premieres, people will think that Clary is dead. Hence, they will be in the midst of trying to move forward when the episode begins.

It is not the explosion itself that will change Clary. It is what happened before, and during it, that will haunt her. Thus, making it a life-changing event for Clary. She is not the only one who will grapple with things in Shadowhuntersfinal bow. She and Jace will also have things to work through. Katherine McNamara explained, saying:

They really have terrible timing, and they’ve hit a real rough patch right now. The last time they interacted, he threw her off a roof and tried to kill her. She understands that he was being controlled, but it’s still going to weigh heavily on him.

Rest assured, Shadowhunters fans, because Clary and Jace will reunite. They just have some things to sift through first. Clary mentally understands that Jace did not try to kill her while in his right mind. However, he will still be working through it in the back half of the season.

Jace’s issues make perfect sense. Someone taking control of you and making you try to hurt one of your favorite people would leave anyone a little messed up. It is easy to see where he is coming from. Jace is not the only person Clary will be dealing with in Shadowhunters’ final episodes.

Clary will be processing her brother Jonathan’s return to her life, setting up an intriguing ride for the duo. Jonathan is back with his real DNA this time, per what executive producer Todd Slavkin has said. So, things will be different between them now. Katherine McNamara teased what is in store for the siblings, saying:

They go on an interesting journey. Not only are they forming a relationship with no outside interference for the first time, but she also finally understands the suffering he’s been through. This poor kid never had a chance to be normal or to feel loved.

It sounds like Jonathan and Clary will finally get a chance to forge a real relationship. Clary will realize that Jonathan never got an opportunity to be normal or feel loved. Is that about to change? Is Clary going to give him the chance he needs? Will Jonathan be able to experience the love of a family member?

Those are just some of the questions Shadowhunters will have the chance to delve into in its final episodes. Fans of the show have had to wait a long time to get the answers.

The final half of the third and last season is kicking off nine months after Season 3’s midseason finale. Despite fans’ best efforts and tireless campaigning, the series is about to come to a close. Here is hoping it is everything they have been waiting to see!

The final episodes of Shadowhunters begins tonight (February 25) at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform. The fan-favorite series is among many returning with new content during the midseason.

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