The Big Bang Theory Finale Has Tons Of Easter Eggs And Special Moments For Fans

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The series finale of The Big Bang Theory is very nearly here, and fans have only an hour of comedy left before saying goodbye. It's bound to be an emotional finale, and fans may want to stock up on the tissues before sitting down to watch. That said, there will apparently be plenty of treats for fans along with the sadness that an era of television is ending. The finale will be packed with Easter eggs and special moments. Here's what we know.

The two-part series finale, called "The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome," will first see Sheldon and Amy awaiting big news (likely Nobel Prize-related, although there are other bombshells that could be in store on the Shamy front in the finale). In the second half, Bernadette and Howard will leave their kids for the first time, Sheldon and Amy will stick together, Penny and Leonard will try to keep a secret, and Raj will make a new friend.

Will Penny and Leonard's secret have something to do with their debate about kids throughout Season 12? And will Raj's new friend give him new hope for love after his breakup in the penultimate episode? Whatever happens, the friends will travel together into their future. Throughout the two-part finale, there will be a whole bunch of Easter eggs, comprised of set secrets, inside jokes, and moments never before shown on camera.

Perhaps some longstanding questions will be answered! We do already know one mystery that will probably never be solved, but surely there are others! An emotional math problem with have a part to play, and there will be "a sparkly return." Some of these little treats might not be noticed by any others than diehard Big Bang fans. We'll have to wait and see. Something tells me the emotional math problem will be impactful!

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If that's not enough, then prepare yourself for something arguably even more exciting: a surprise ending. Attendees of the live taping of the series finale thought they saw the very last scene of the episode, but executive producer Steven Molaro revealed to ET that there's "a final scene that even the audience in the studio did not get to see." Even those who watched the finale unfold and who presumably know most of what happens in the episode can't spoil the ending!

One final major celebrity cameo will happen as well, and this star isn't one who has appeared on the series in the past. So, no Wil Wheaton or Kevin Smith or James Earl Jones! Hopefully The Big Bang Theory will go out with enough of a bang that fans won't have to be too upset that it's ending.

Of course, it might help that the final credits of the series finale will be immediately followed by the Young Sheldon Season 2 finale that will feature different versions of some Big Bang characters, and that will be followed by a farewell special led by Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco. And hey, maybe a spinoff really will happen someday!

The one-hour Big Bang Theory series finale airs Thursday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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