Yellowstone Season 2 Finale Will Be 'Shocking' But Satisfying,' Says Star Denim Richards

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(Image credit: Yellowstone Screenshot / Paramount Network)
(Image credit: Yellowstone Screenshot / Paramount Network)

Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale will be “shocking” yet “satisfying,” according to star Denim Richards. Fans are excitedly awaiting the conclusion of a thrilling season that has already seen a lot of shockers, and the shocks are not over yet. The penultimate episode set the stage for an anxiety-filled hour as John Dutton’s grandson, Tate, was taken by an unseen culprit. Richards spoke with CinemaBlend ahead of the premiere, and what he had to say could get you more hyped than ever.

Young Tate is the character in the greatest danger heading into the season-ender. Brace yourself, because when I asked how shocking, upsetting, and satisfying Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale would be, Denim Richards replied:

Man, it's going to be all of those things. It's going to be shocking, terrifying, and satisfying... I'm really really big on trying to engage with the audience all the time. I absolutely love it. I think with these characters, it has been just so phenomenal with this show. And it's always funny because every week, I always end making some... comment about how this next week is going to be even crazier than the week before. They're always like 'There's no way that the show can get crazier than it was last week.' Like, it's not possible, and then it happens, to like 'How is it even possible?' So, I think that this season finale is going to be so wild and it's going to be so crazy. But it's going to be very satisfying at the same time.

If you thought things have been crazy leading up to this point, Yellowstone's final Season 2 episode will stay on course. Denim Richards says that while it is going to be “wild” and “crazy,” it will also be “satisfying.” What a great tease for what's in store! Will there be closure? Many preparing for the season’s end definitely want to see a satisfying conclusion for Tate Dutton.

Do not expect too much satisfaction as far as the entire episode is concerned, though. The actor, who plays Colby on the drama, hints that Yellowstone will still leave you wanting more. Fans already have the excitement of seeing Denim Richards as a series regular in Season 3.

Why will Yellowstone fans not be entirely satisfied with the Season 2 finale? Denim Richards said:

But the problem [is] you will also not be satisfied because then you have to wait until Season 3 to find out some of these other things that are going to be going on. So, it's kind of a bittersweet thing, but I think it will be like I was saying before. I think it's going to be just enough so you will be like 'Okay, it was very intense but I also want more, but I'm also okay waiting a little bit to kind of get that more.' So, it's going to be this time to give the audience a little bit of a break or whatever to kind of lead into Season 3, but this season finale is going to be like you cannot miss it absolutely.

How long will fans have to wait to see how the dust settles in Season 3? What Denim Richards’ said has me excited to know the answer! A lot of progress has already been made on the upcoming season. One recent casting announcement revealed quite a bit of insight into how the current season will end.

Teasing the finale and how much fans will enjoy it, Denim Richards continued, saying:

Everything that you want in a season finale is coming, and I don't even know how to really do it justice with the words because it's not going to be able to do it justice. It's just going to be wild and crazy. But y'all are going to absolutely love it...for sure.

Who else cannot wait for the season finale? At the same, I cannot imagine that any of us are in any rush to see Yellowstone’s second season end. It has been an incredible ride so far. I just want Tate safely returned to his family on the hit show. Check out this explosive clip from the finale:

That answers one question. A lot of them remain as the season comes to a close, including why Beth feels such animosity towards her brother, Jamie. Speaking of whom, Jamie will be dealing with his share of drama after that life-altering bombshell. Will all of this get resolved? Probably not.

Promotional images from the Season 2 finale hint at an emotional climax for all involved. Among those pictured is John Dutton’s dad, who will be played by acting legend Dabney Coleman. Following the casting announcement, Denim Richards revealed Coleman is not the only legend wanting to join the show.

A final showdown between the Duttons and the Becks should take center stage in the last hour of Yellowstone. Tate seems to be the victim of another villainous plot by Malcolm Beck. Malcolm left the audience with a lot of reason to have him as their top suspect. Did he do it? Find out.

Watch the shocking final episode of Season 2 when Yellowstone’s season finale airs Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. After Yellowstone’s current season ends, there will be a plentiful stream of fall premieres to watch while waiting for Season 3.

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