Yellowstone Star Talks Colby's 'Weird' Spot In Season 2 Finale, How It Leads To Season 3

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Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale is almost upon us, and Denim Richards’ Colby has a lot to consider heading into it. Colby has witnessed his share of changes on the ranch this season, and the penultimate episode did not let up on them. In it, Colby saw his two close friends, Ryan and Jimmy, hurtle towards a definitive future at the ranch.

On top of all of that, the Duttons became painfully aware that Tate had been kidnapped. With so much going on, Colby has a lot to decide. Considering all of this, I asked Denim Richards what Colby’s mindset is heading into Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale. Richards replied:

Well, I think Colby's in a really weird spot right now. I think, you know, his kind of best friend Ryan, who's played by Ian Bohen, as we saw last night is now kind of deciding that he wants to go and join the branded men. To go and do this job of blowing up...this trailer and committing these murders, and so that was like a weird spot for him to kind of see these two characters that have been together, you know, side-by-side to be the ones do everything.

Jimmy “took the brand,” as Yellowstone puts it, in Season 1. Ryan expressed interest in taking that painful step. However, he has not taken it yet. Will Ryan go through with taking the brand? Could Colby talk him out of it? Or will Colby decide to join Ryan? The Season 2 finale should further set the stage for what Colby ends up choosing.

At this point, Colby is facing a disconnection between him and his friends. He received some critical advice as everything inside the bunkhouse was reaching a fever pitch. Denim Richards explained the impact that Cowboy’s advice had on Colby, saying:

Now, one of them kind of goes off, and the other one decided to and then also, as Ryan is leaving to join them, Cowboy who is also packing up and getting ready to leave, and is giving Colby this advice about him saying 'the one thing that I've learned throughout the years is being on these different ranches is knowing when to leave and that, you know, if it was up to me, if I was going to give you any advice, like, you would leave, too.' And so, I think Colby's in this spot of like, this is the only thing that he's ever known. Right? And now his best friend is gone. And Jimmy's in this weird place because, his grandfather, who's like his father, he died, and so now he's kind of in a dark place, and now Tate's missing.

Tate’s kidnapping has brought everything on the ranch to a screeching halt. It has also set the Duttons up for a brutal showdown with Season 2’s major villains – the Beck brothers. Upon realizing that Tate was missing, the family and everyone on the ranch launched a search effort for him. By the end of the latest Yellowstone, Kayce made the realization that Tate had been taken.

As a result of all of this, Colby has no shortage of things to sift through. His best friend is joining the branded men and Cowboy has advised Colby to leave the ranch. Now, John Dutton’s grandson is missing. What does all of this mean for Colby heading into Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale? Denim Richards continued, saying:

The whole family is just kind of scrambling all over the place and then Colby's just sitting there, trying to figure out where he would even try to fit into all of this. So, I think it's just a place of, like, you have to just remain still. And in a case like this, where you don't want to overreact to anything. But also, at the same time, you don't want to miss the ride. And, I think that it’s kind of very, it's just that he is in such a weird spot and me as an artist that's playing that, and... reading it, and playing it, especially in that last night's episode, I remember thinking that 'damn, this is, like, really crazy.'

Colby is in a tight spot, and the final episode of Season 2 should help provide context for what he does next. He is watching everyone sort of fall into their place as they face the ranch’s uncertain future. Things on Yellowstone are reaching a crescendo for Colby.

The mass exodus and final stands of those around him will have an impact, according to Denim Richards. Colby is taking it all in and trying to figure out what comes next for him. Richards said:

Because this guy that I was with the entire time is now going to be gone, and now people are telling me to leave because it's going to be so wild and crazy, and like with Walker's exit previously [in the last episode], and now it seems like everyone's kind of making their exit. So, you're either making your exit, or you're going absolutely all in with the Duttons. Now Colby's kind of somewhere in the middle. And then, Season 3, we figure out what he decides that he wants to do. So, it's going to be pretty exciting.

I am excited to find out what Colby decides! Denim Richards has been promoted to a series regular in Season 3, so do not worry. Whatever Colby chooses, he is staying on Yellowstone. Will Colby remain at the ranch? Or will he decide to move to a rival one?

Will what it takes to get Tate back play into Colby’s decision? Tonight's episode holds the answers. Denim Richards has assured a “shocking” and “satisfying” Season 2 finale is in store for fans. It should be a riveting ride!

Find out what happens with Denim Richards’ Colby in Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale. It airs tonight, August 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. While you wait for Season 2, there will be a plentiful stream of fall premieres to keep you company.

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