Big Brother: Cliff Hogg's Family Apparently Not Allowed At Finale Night

Cliff Hogg III Big Brother

Big Brother's Season 21 finale is imminent and the Final 3 HouseGuests are all gearing up to see their family and who will end up being the Final 2 on stage vying for a chance to win $500,000. Their families will be there watching the action, though one family has apparently been told they can't attend the finale. Sorry to 4th place finisher Cliff Hogg III, but his family won't be there when he finally gets removed from isolation.

It's not for a lack of trying though, as Cliff's daughter Kelly Hogg mentioned on her Twitter account she and the family flew in from Texas and were wanting to find places to watch the Big Brother finale. When fans asked why the Hoggs hadn't contacted CBS to get tickets to the studio event, she said they tried and were turned away.

Had the Hogg family requested to be flown in like the Final 3 contestants' families and given the V.I.P treatment, the no would've been a bit more understandable. Obviously, we don't know explicitly what was asked, but with the family in Los Angeles, it seems odd to turn them away when all it would cost CBS is available seating at the finale.

Let's not forget one of Cliff's biggest dreams on Big Brother was to see his family in the audience on finale night. Considering he was betrayed by Jackson and missed out on the opportunity by one eviction, it would be nice of Big Brother to grant the one wish when making the finale and having a shot at winning are off the table.

To be fair to Big Brother though, it does sound like there's precedent in this rule. Former Big Brother: Over The Top HouseGuest Alex Willet joined the conversation, and confirmed that she had a boyfriend get even further than the Hogg's before being turned away.

Big Brother finale night is about the Final 3, so it makes sense that having one non-Final 3 HouseGuests' family there and no one else's could create some drama. At the same time, Cliff was pretty vocal about wanting to see his family at the finale in his final days at the house, and it feels like this was a move on their part to make him feel better and show their support.

Fairness (which is often in question in Big Brother) be damned, seeing Cliff see his family again would make for a great television moment. If Big Brother fans saw that, Bella call Nick trash for abandoning their showmance for Kat, and Kemi snap on a few people, this may be the best finale night ever regardless of whoever wins! Will someone on staff change their mind? Will Cliff see his family on finale night after all?

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