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Warning: Spoilers ahead for an upcoming episode of the Fox drama 9-1-1. Step away if you want to embrace the element of surprise!

New photos from the upcoming episode of 9-1-1 show Eddie without his shirt as part of his efforts to help his anger issues. It is all happening in pictures for the fifth episode of Season 3 entitled “Rage.” Its synopsis does not hint at the action to come, but these images certainly do! Time to get to it!

Eddie will continue dealing with the aftermath of a colossal tsunami that saw the fate of his child hanging in the balance. Eddie’s son, Christopher, went missing in the mayhem of 9-1-1’s major natural disaster, an event that led to Buck’s massive “do or die” effort to find Christopher. In the end, Eddie’s son survived, as did his relationship with Buck.

Pictures from the fourth episode of the series that CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley called “must-see TV,” after the tsunami episode show Eddie dealing with some anger. In “Rage,” Eddie can be seen with his shirt off and in the throes of a heated fight as people watch. Has Eddie joined a fight club? See for yourself:

9-1-1 Ryan Guzman Edmundo Eddie Diaz Fox

Okay, so Eddie has a lot going on, as you can see in the 9-1-1 still above. He appears to not be involved in some sort of one-off scuffle either. Eddie seems to be fighting for “sport” as part of dealing with his rage issues. In this next picture, Eddie looks ready to take on a challenger:

9-1-1 Ryan Guzman Edmundo Eddie Diaz Fox

Luckily, it appears that Eddie will win at least one bout. In the 9-1-1 image below, Eddie’s arm is being lifted, likely signaling his victory over an opponent. How many will he square off with? Is this going to be a recurring thing for Eddie? Check out this picture for more context:

9-1-1 Edmundo Eddie Diaz Ryan Guzman Fox

Eddie will apparently get carried away at one point. The 9-1-1 promo shot below shows Eddie having to get pulled back, and he appears to be yelling. Did he go too far? It is hard to tell, because the crowd seems to still be cheering for Eddie. Or, are they cheering over him getting restrained? Judge for yourself:

9-1-1 Edmundo Eddie Diaz Ryan Guzman Fox

There is good news for those wanting to see Eddie in the midst of happier times. Rage is not the only emotion that Eddie appears to be dealing with in 9-1-1’s upcoming episode. He is also pictured enjoying some downtime with Season 3 newcomer, Lena, as played by Ronda Rousey. Something to look forward too!

Now to the question all of you 9-1-1 fans probably want answers to: what has led to this? Well, the synopsis for the fourth episode does not give anything away on the Eddie front, but instead hints at action elsewhere and beyond.

What does it all mean? Fans of the adrenaline-pumping series will not have to wait for long to see it all in action. The 9-1-1 episode pictured above will air on October 21.

New episodes of 9-1-1 air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox as part of this fall’s premieres. Tune in to see Eddie literally fight through his issues when “Rage” airs on October 21.