Apparently, Playing Supergirl Has Ruined Halloween For Melissa Benoist

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Halloween is frequently a big night for many people, and, in general, celebrities are no different. Our favorites actors, singers, musicians and models love taking to social media to show off their creative, creepy and cheesy costumes for all to enjoy. But, this year, one celebrity did the exact opposite. It looks like Supergirl's Melissa Benoist has had enough of dressing up for the foreseeable future!

Melissa Benoist posted a picture of her in her Supergirl costume, along with an interesting little note, to her Instagram feed, and it sounds like we may never see her wear a costume that's not related to a role she's filming again:

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Well...Bah humbug! I mean, sure, I know that references the wrong holiday, but...still! What is Halloween good for if not getting to scroll through social media profiles so that we can see all the cool and / or goofy ways that our biggest and brightest stars have dressed up for the holiday? Fine, it's also good for unabashedly supplying us with massive amounts of candy. Stop pretending that you don't know what point I'm trying to make, OK?

I suppose it's at least good that Melissa Benoist decided to post a solidly silly picture of her as Supergirl to her Instagram, which is clearly a behind the scenes shot of her in the midst of doing a stunt in front of a green screen. That expression on Benoist's face is priceless and very Halloween appropriate. Also she did have some good advice for those who decided to stray from the warmth of their homes and enjoy the chocolatey, fruity, crunchy, chewy treat-filled madness last night.

Did you all fill your pillowcases to the brim with candy? Good, because I didn't even know that taking a pillowcase along to trick-or-treat was a thing that people did. Do kids not get a smallish jack-o-lantern shaped bucket with which to do their candy collecting anymore? Are plastic grocery store bags, manufactured in bright orange and black just for the spooky holiday, no longer used? Who is doing so much successful candy hunting on Halloween night that they need a whole freakin' pillowcase to carry it all? Clearly, I am either out of the Halloween loop here, or it's all just a Colorado thing.

It does make sense that Melissa Benoist would just be all costumed out right now, seeing as how she does rack up many hours a week in her Supergirl getup, and has been doing it for five seasons now. While her costume has never seemed like it would be particularly uncomfortable, she did reveal that this season's switch over to a unitard look from previous year's top / skirt / boots ensemble was to keep her warm in Vancouver and to, uh, stop the chafing. So, I get why she'd want at least one additional night without unusual garb.

Well, Melissa Benoist may have been a bit of a party pooper when it comes to getting gussied up for Halloween, but anyone can indulge in all the candied goodness of the day, so I hope she at least got to eat some sweet treats yesterday. We can check out Benoist in Supergirl (and with a brand new hairdo) when Season 5 continues on The CW, Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.

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