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What do new photos from Vikings tell fans about Season 6? The series is on its way back for its final season, and recently released promotional stills are shining a light on what to expect. Take the above picture of Ubbe, for instance. Intense! Last season was a roller coaster ride that saw the ascent of Ragnar and Lagertha’s son, Bjorn.

In newly shared photos from Season 6, you can see King Bjorn looking serious and enjoying some family time. Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn, shared the Vikings pics on his Instagram page. There are seven of them, so make sure you swipe to see them all. Take a look and reconvene for speculation below:

The Season 6 trailer teased the pressure that Bjorn was going to be under, and some of these Vikings pics allude to some sort of tension. It seems like it could be coming from various directions. Other promotional shots could provide potential clarity as to who Bjorn is talking to in the first and last picture. Check it out:

Vikings Bjorn Ironside Alexander Ludwig Kjetill Flatnose Adam Copeland History

Yes, that is Kjetill Flatnose. Are he and Bjorn discussing the fate of Floki or something/someone else? Floki was last spotted in a cave that collapsed. It seemed to herald his death, but given that this is Floki, I have a suspicion he may have survived. Regardless of what history tells us, Vikings Season 6 should provide the definitive answer.

Speaking of answers, Ivar was last seen heading out of Kattegat, and to a mystery destination. As shown in the trailer and based on previous Season 6 info, Vikings will see the introduction of Danila Kozlovsky’s Prince Oleg. Kozlovsky is a great actor in my opinion, so this should be interesting. Check him out in this promotion shot and see if you notice anything:

Vikings Prince Oleg Danila Kozlovsky History

Yes, Prince Oleg is wiping some blood off of his hands. Whose is it? Well, Vikings fans know that Ivar will show up, and interact with Prince Oleg. Based on the trailer, the two even appear to team up, so it is probably not Ivar’s blood he is cleansing himself of.

Now back to Ivar’s brother/rival, Bjorn! There have been previous hints that Harald could be a threat in Vikings Season 6. In one of the pics that Alexander Ludwig shared, Bjorn can be seen standing in front of his new wife, Gunnhild, and his ex-wife, Torvi. Everyone looks a little disconcerted by whatever is going on.

In what appears to be the same Vikings scene, Bjorn is shown standing next to Lagertha, who looks contemplative. What is going on in Kattegat? Can Bjorn remain its king? The formidable mother/son duo should be able to handle any threats. Right?

I think it is nice to see Bjorn getting in some time with his kids in the penultimate Season 6 picture. As for the last Vikings picture, Bjorn is really channeling Ragnar in that one. It just seems like his pose and mannerisms are shining through there. It is a neat carry over. What else will carry into Vikings’ final season? Stay tuned!

Vikings Season 6 will have its two-hour premiere this fall on Wednesday, December 4, at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2 Blu-ray/DVD set is out now!

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