Vikings' Katheryn Winnick Is All In On Being Part Of The Netflix Spinoff

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In case you missed it, Vikings is getting a spinoff on Netflix! The new series will be set a hundred years after the events of the original, and will kick off with many intriguing characters. That exciting news means the franchise's universe will carry on some familiar elements fill the lineup, but does the new show mean anything for current Vikings star Katheryn Winnick?

The actress has portrayed fan-favorite Lagertha from the very beginning of Vikings. Thanks to the power of prosthetics, Katheryn Winnick has even played the character well into her later years as a grandmother! After six seasons as the legendary shield-maiden, would Winnick be willing to take part in Vikings’ spinoff at all? Here's how she put it:

I would love to be involved. I don’t know if it’s coming back and just being a part, either as an actor or a director or something like that, or just coming in and having a pint with my crew members, whatever it is, it’s my family back there.

Katheryn Winnick has spent a long time in the Vikings universe, and is currently finished with the series as far as filming goes. Thankfully, it does not sound like she is desperate to put any distance between her and the show. Winnick also told People about all the excellent props she got to keep after the final day of filming, so she'll have those memories around all the time. (I think Lagertha would approve!)

As a massive fan of Katheryn Winnick’s winning performance on Vikings, I think her response to being involved in the spinoff is heartening. She has taken up directing duties for one Season 6 episode of Vikings, so moving behind the camera would be a nice transition.

Of course, if Katheryn Winnick actually landed a role in the spinoff, it would be even more exciting! One of the characters mentioned in the spinoff’s description is Freydis, and I could see her taking on that role, though she could easily fill any key character that wasn't initially mentioned in the Vikings announcement. William the Conqueror will be one of the spinoff’s leads, and he had a wife, Matilda/Maude of Flanders. If the new show stays true to history, she should be a significant factor, and would need a strong actress to fill those shoes.

If Katheryn Winnick joined the spinoff, I could totally see her playing Matilda/Maude, and holding her own with William the Conqueror. If the spinoff were to cast another actor from Vikings, is there a chance that its newest cast member, Danila Kozlovsky, could take on that role? He is currently playing the vicious Prince Oleg in Season 6.

Katheryn Winnick and Danila Kozlovsky starring opposite one another would make for quite a fireworks display. They have yet to share a scene on Vikings this season, since Winnick's Lagertha is in Kattegat, while Kozlovsky's Oleg is in Rus with Ivar. The trailer indicated that he may not stay there forever, so it would be neat to see them interact before any hypothetical spinoff scenes.

Of course, Katheryn Winnick reuniting with her former co-star Travis Fimmel would be beyond incredible, too. The great news is that Winnick seems to be one of many people who maintained good vibes about their time on Vikings. So, it would make sense if that could carry over into a bit of the cast joining the spinoff in some capacity. I am keeping hope alive!

After all, shared casting would be a cool way to tie the cross-network shows together. Of course, they are going to have a lot of help with that, since the journey is not over for Vikings or Lagertha yet! She has learned that you cannot retire from the shield-maiden business, and she has another fight to wage!

Watch Katheryn Winnick’s time as Lagertha continue when new episodes of Vikings air Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on History. The historical drama’s return is part of this winter's premieres. Whether or not, Winnick ends up getting involved, the Vikings spinoff will eventually join the streamer’s 2020 releases at some point in the unknown future, though a premiere date has not gotten set.

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