Wait, Yellowstone's Luke Grimes Had No Scenes With Josh Holloway In Season 3?

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Yellowstone fans have ample reason to be excited about its next season, and one of them is Josh Holloway. The Lost vet’s casting was announced as Season 3 got an early green-light from Paramount Network. There is already one intriguing detail that Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton, has revealed about Holloway's run. Grimes had no scenes with him.

Hold the phone! This news heralds a twist for Yellowstone fans hoping to see the actors share the screen. Josh Holloway is set to star as Roarke Carter in Season 3. For reference, Roarke is a hedge fund manager with charm and ambition to boot. There is one Dutton he will not be going toe-to-toe with though, according to Luke Grimes, and that is Kayce. Grimes told Pop Culture:

I actually haven't worked with him. I hope that's not too much, but I had no scenes with him. He sort of comes into Beth's [Kelly Reilly] life in the beginning of Season 3, and as the audience, you're not going to really know, good guy, bad guy, what's happened here? What's this guy after? And I think that'll be exciting.

So, basically, Luke Grimes is confirming that Kayce will not share any scenes with Josh Holloway's Roarke in Yellowstone’s next season. That is a surprising indication of what to anticipate in Season 3. I hoped/expected Roarke to get involved with Beth’s storyline. However, I thought that might lead him to a larger angle with the Duttons.

Roarke is a hedge fund manager. If he were to invest in or get involved with something relating to the ranch, Kayce would theoretically be a point of contact. He is the acting foreman, and Season 3 should see him get even more drawn into the family business. Will Roarke's ambitions somehow connect to the Yellowstone? What does he want in Montana and with Beth?

After the events of Yellowstone’s Season 2 season finale, Josh Holloway's character is coming into a whole different situation. He is one of the many new faces set to star in Season 3, and Luke Grimes is excited to see the scenes he did not film. Grimes also foretold of the show’s ever-evolving narrative between the good and bad guys, saying:

In the world of Yellowstone you never know who is the good guy or the bad guy, or who is going to end up kind-of messing everything up for everyone. I'm excited to see all those scenes too, because I was not in any of them.

I am super excited to see what Season 3 has in store! Luke Grimes’ Yellowstone co-star, Cole Hauser, has teased some interesting intel. Speaking of Rip’s portrayer, I would expect Rip to share some scenes with Roarke based on Beth’s involvement with him.

If Josh Holloway’s Roarke is not going to be interacting with Kayce, that could potentially rule out scenes with Rip over the Dutton ranch. He is an integral part of it. It would seem that whatever Roarke wants in Yellowstone Season 3, it does not necessarily involve the ranch, or Kayce would be involved.

Of course, Josh Holloway’s character is going to get involved with Beth, and she is Kayce’s sister. You would think that connection alone would put Kayce in scenes with him, but apparently not. So, there is clearly a way for Yellowstone to work Roarke into the ranch’s orbit without him having to share scenes with Kayce.

Yellowstone’s early teaser for Season 3 seemed to reveal Roarke taking in the sights of Montana with Beth. Of course, her heart belongs to Rip, so I do not expect any (much-expected) flirtation to lead to anything. Or at least, I certainly hope it does not. What this means for the Duttons is super interesting.

As long as Yellowstone Season 3 involves more scenes between Kayce’s amazing wife, Monica, and his sister, Beth, I am good to go! Josh Holloway is a great actor, and he always brought it on Lost. So I am a little sad that it sounds like Yellowstone fans will not get to see him square off with Kayce. Their energies are so different!

That said, I trust whatever Yellowstone is doing. The show has earned it. A premiere date for Yellowstone Season 3 has not gotten set yet by Paramount Network. While you wait for the series’ return, you can check out this winter’s premieres.

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