What's Next For Yellowstone's Beth And Rip In Season 3, According To Cole Hauser

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Yellowstone will explore Beth and Rip’s “beautiful” love story in Season 3, according to star Cole Hauser. The actor plays Rip, so he would know. The hit Western gave fans a lot to get excited about regarding the couple in Season 2. You can relive their Season 2 journey in the extra-packed three-disc DVD and Blu-ray set, which is out now.

As hoped for, Yellowstone delivered on the ever-building love story between John Dutton’s headstrong daughter Beth and the man John arguably trusts most, Rip Wheeler. As Season 2 unfolded, Beth and Rip got a lot closer, with Rip telling Beth that he loved her. So, what is their relationship status at the end of Season 2? Cole Hauser told me:

What would I say it is? I mean, it's love, absolute love, and I'll give you just a little bit from [Season] 3, but you'll see, there's some really beautiful kind of romance with these two characters.

It is love, Yellowstone fans! Season 3 sounds like it is going to continue exploring how much love there is between Rip and Beth. After last season’s finale, Yellowstone provided a first look at Season 3 that seemed to hint at that. The two could even be spotted sharing a kiss. Be still, my beating heart!

What Cole Hauser said promoting the release of the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray set gives me hope about something. One of the many new characters set to make their way to Yellowstone in Season 3 is Josh Holloway’s, Roarke Carter. He is a hedge fund manager, and the teaser for Season 3 hinted he may have his eyes on Beth.

I believe that Beth truly realized what she has in her connection with Rip in Yellowstone’s last season. You can re-watch it on DVD/Blu-ray to judge for yourself. There is no one else who holds their own with her like Rip. He is her match in every way. So, Roarke should be a non-factor. Last season showed viewers how their connection goes back to their teens.

That is a lot of history. Speaking of which, I am curious to know how and why Beth married her ex-husband. He got mentioned quite a few times in the first season. Why did things not work out between Beth and Rip earlier? Yellowstone will hopefully provide some more answers next season as they make new memories in Season 3.

On the note of answers, Cole Hauser also shared some fascinating insight into what Rip knows about Beth and Jamie’s troubled relationship. In doing so, he talked about Rip’s relationship with both of the Dutton siblings heading into Season 3. Remember, Rip and Jamie were revealed to have a friendship in Season 2.

Cole Hauser already got fans hyped utilizing Game of Thrones. Filming recently ended for Hauser's co-star Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth. In the Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray extra, “Only Devils Left – Making Yellowstone: Season 2,” Reilly reflected on fans’ reaction to Yellowstone’s characters.

Kelly Reilly is not the only one who reflects on Yellowstone’s impact in DVD/Blu-ray set. Kevin Costner also ruminates on why the show has resonated with fans.

The excellent news for Rip and Beth fans is that it sounds like there is a reason to be hopeful regarding their future on Yellowstone. At least, I hope so! Season 3 should be an exciting one for those rooting for the couple.

Relive Rip and Beth’s love story (so far) via the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray three-disc set, which is now available. A premiere date for Yellowstone Season 3 has not gotten set yet by Paramount Network. While waiting for Rip and Beth’s story to resume, you can check out this fall’s premieres.

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