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Will and Grace has had a fascinating tenure on the small screen. The long-running comedy broke new ground during its original run, opening minds with its quirky group of characters and featuring the first same-sex kiss on network television. And after doing a viral video to encourage viewers to vote, NBC gave the show got a television reboot with the original cast. That three season revival will soon come to an end, bidding another goodbye to those beloved characters. Will and Grace has officially wrapped for good, and the cast/crew took to social media to mark the occasion.

Counting both the revival and original run of the show, Will and Grace has run for a whopping 11 seasons on NBC. That's a seriously long, time especially including the years that the beloved comedy was off the air. So saying goodbye for a good is no doubt an emotional experience, as proven by the posts of the cast. Sean Hayes posted a photo of their final bow from the studio, saying:

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And just like that, Sean Hayes must once again end his tenure as Jack McFarland. You can see the four starring actors together, bowing in unison as the 11th season wraps production. Hayes specifically thanks the generations of Will and Grace fans out there, claiming that the three recent seasons were "all for you." And he makes a good point, as NBC ordered new episodes of the Emmy-winning show after their short "Vote, Honey" hit Youtube, and got millions of views.

"Vote, Honey" proved that there was still an active interest in Will and Grace, and showed how easily the starring cast could slip back into their characters. A new season was ordered quickly after the video went viral. What's more, the second and third seasons of the revival were green lit early into the show's return to screens.

Sean Hayes isn't the only Will and Grace star who is reflecting on the show wrapping for the final time. Eric McCormack also posted about his last live-show as Will, check it out below.

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How sweet is that? Eric McCormack is synonymous with his character Will Truman, a role that earned him an Emmy during its original run, and a slew of Golden Globe nominations during the revival. So leaving Will and Grace and his signature role behind is going to be an emotional experience. According to McCormack, he's "more than a little broken" about his tenure as the New York City lawyer coming to an end.

You can't have Will without Grace, and that was certainly the case regarding the goodbye message to the beloved comedy. Debra Messing shared her own goodbye post to Will and Grace fans. And hers includes a cake. Typical Grace.

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Well, that's delightful. It looks like Debra Messing was given a custom cake to mark her departure from Will and Grace. As shared on the actress' personal Instagram page, Messing was given this special cake by one of her girlfriends. It shows Grace Adler on the phone during the original run, accompanied by the words "Bye, Bitches!" Messing has never been far from the TV, although her role in Will and Grace will likely remain the most iconic role she's had.

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Will and Grace was created by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, who were intimately involved in the series during both of its runs on television. Max Mutchnick posted his own goodbye to the comedy following production wrapping. Check it out below.

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Will and Grace is filmed in front of a live studio audience, allowing the actors to feed off that energy and jokes to land with genuine laughter. But it turns out that each episode first gets a dry run for the crew/production team. This image peels back the curtain on how Will and Grace is made, and turns the camera away from the cast and onto the rest of the folks who are responsible for making the last three seasons possible.

Megan Mullally didn't post anything on social media, but it's only a matter of time before fans should get her reaction to the show's forthcoming end. Will and Grace isn't likely to get a second revival, so it seems that the road is finally over. And everyone involved appears both emotional and thankful. After all, who thought the show would come back with such a vengeance?

Will and Grace airs on NBC. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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