Watch Three Vampire Diaries Stars Welcome 2020 With A Sexy Reunion

Nina Dobrev as Katherine on The Vampire Diaries
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New Year's Eve was supernaturally sexy for three stars of The Vampire Diairies. Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce), Candice King (Caroline Forbes Salvatore), and Kayla Ewell (Vicki Donovan) welcomed 2020 together at the grand opening of the Bellagio’s supper club The Mayfair in Las Vegas.

Check out the Vampire Diaries stars truly looking immortal in 2020:

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Three stars. Three sexy videos there in Nina Dobrev's post. Friends for immortality. Always and forever. I bet Klaus Mikaelson and Damon Salvatore are seething with jealousy. Or maybe actors Joseph Morgan and Ian Somerhalder are, although I'm sure they would've been welcomed at The Mayfair event too.

The Vampire Diaries stars were joined by Kayla's husband Tanner and Candice's husband Joe, along with stars like Leona Lewis and her husband Dennis. (According to JustJared, Leona's husband Dennis Jauch is the co-founder of No Ceilings Entertainment, the production team behind The Mayfair’s entertainment event.)

Here's a great photo Nina Dobrev understandably wants credit for, showing Kayla Ewell kissing her hubby in Vegas:

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And here's a shot of Candice King and her hubby from the event:

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Candice King and Kayla Ewell have their own podcast together called Directionally Challenged, and Vampire Diaries stars like Nina Dobrev have been guests.

The Vampire Diaries just celebrated its 10th anniversary in September 2019, since it premiered in that month in 2009. The show ran for eight seasons until 2017. I love that so many of the stars are still friends, beyond Nina Dobrev, Candice King, and Kayla Ewell, who seem to spend a lot of time together.

What are some of the other stars of Vampire Diaries up to? You must know that Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have their own bourbon line coming out, which makes perfect sense for the Salvatore brothers. Somerhalder is still busy promoting his new Netflix series V Wars around the world. Wesley is still promoting Season 2 of Tell Me A Story on CBS All Access, which co-stars Danielle Campbell of The Originals.

Speaking of The Originals, Joseph Morgan talked about how Klaus Mikaelson still lives for him, and previewed his upcoming Peacock series Brave New World.

Will any of those stars ever be on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals spinoff series Legacies? Paul Wesley already directed an episode and Ian Somerhalder said he'd like to do the same. Some of us would love to see Damon, Elena, and their daughter Stefanie Salvatore on Legacies. Candice King is the one fans keep expecting to see, since Caroline Forbes is mentioned all the time. She's the Saltzman twins' mother and she's supposed to be running the Salvatore School with Alaric Saltzman.

Legacies Season 2 will soon welcome Kai Parker, whom Ian Somerhalder described as The Vampire Diaries' best villain. Legacies returns Thursday, January 16, 2020 on The CW.

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