Supernatural Creator Freaks Out After Learning Mark Hamill Is A Fan

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Supernatural creator, Eric Kripke, has received the thrill of a lifetime, and it is all thanks to Star Wars megastar, Mark Hamill. Kripke and the rest of the universe has learned that the force is strong between Hamill and Supernatural. Thanks to the pop culture icon giving the show a major shout-out! This news was understandably met with tremendous excitement from Supernatural’s creator.

He has gone on to develop Amazon’s The Boys, but long before that, Eric Kripke created the long-running CW series. Supernatural is winding down as it heads toward its series finale, and it has a famous supporter in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi star, who's willing to do a cameo. Kripke responded to Hamill’s fantastically fun shout-out to Supernatural via Twitter. Check it out:

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As Eric Kripke points out, Star Wars helped inspire Supernatural, so a shout-out from a pivotal part of that franchise is huge. Hence, Kripke freaking out is entirely understandable. Along with his enthusiasm over Hamill’s nod, Kripke went on to emphasize that Sam and Dean were based on Star Wars lead characters, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Thus, Sam and Dean’s fun dynamic.

You may be wondering: how did this all start? Well, that is a very important story. Resolution ready, Jared Padalecki, shared a screenshot from what appears to be Mark Hamill’s Instagram story. Hamill had apparently posted a shot of a Supernatural scene involving one of Sam’s famous fake IDs. This one struck close to home for Hamill.

It identifies Sam as U.S. Wildlife Service agent Mark Hamill. Cue the real Mark Hamill, who indicated he would be up for a Supernatural cameo (with "Harrison") on Instagram! Jared Padalecki responded with a screenshot of Hamill’s mind-blowing message with a fun response of his own. Check it out:

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Mark Hamill subsequently responded to Padalecki on his Twitter page. Suffice it to say, Hamill was very enthusiastic about it. Check out Hamill’s tweet below:

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Wait, can Supernatural get a cameo from Mark Hamill before the series ends? Supernatural’s creator should, undoubtedly, be down for one. It would not be the first time someone wanted Hamill to appear on their show. After revealing he was a fan of NBC’s Superstore, one of the show’s stars expressed her desire to have him play her dad on the comedy.

More recently, Mark Hamill shared his desire to play a character in the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher. Fans will have to keep watch to learn whether or not that happens. Considering that Supernatural is hurtling towards its endgame, a Hamill cameo on The CW series is arguably the most pressing of his desired engagements.

I think it would be incredibly cool if Mark Hamill appeared on Supernatural before it ends. Hamill was on The Big Bang Theory before it concluded, so there is reason to hope that he could potentially land on Supernatural. It would be quite a headline maker and an incredibly worthy one!

A (presumably) Mark Hamill-less Supernatural will return with new episodes as one of this winter’s premieres. The action resumes on Thursday, January 16, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. While you await Sam and Dean’s return, you can enjoy past episodes via Netflix among 2020’s new content.

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