Peloton Still Not Getting Press It Probably Wants, As Snooki Admits She ‘Pees On It'

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has made plenty of headlines in her day thanks to her time on Jersey Shore and then Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but the latest big news on the Snooki front is about a Peloton exercise bike, and it's probably not giving Peloton the kind of free press it wants. Snooki has revealed that sometimes she pees on the Peloton.

The good news for Peloton (and those of us who weren't quite sure what to make of this reveal) is that Snooki made it clear in her Instagram story that it wasn't something she was doing deliberately. Snooki didn't decide to "pee on it" because she didn't like it or because she discovered another use for it. The reality TV star dropped the bombshell in a social media video of her riding her Peloton bike at home, saying this:

Do any other moms pee on the Peloton? It’s not on purpose. You’re just like ‘Woah!’

Snooki captioned the Instagram story with "Giving Birth PROBLEMS," making it clear that peeing on the exercise bike wasn't something intentional, but rather due to how her body changed after having kids. Kudos to Snooki for being so candid about something that other moms can likely relate to. Of course, she was also candid with a whole lot of other people. At the time of writing, Snooki has 13.1 million followers on Instagram.

The announcement by Snooki herself that she sometimes pees on her exercise bike would have been talked about no matter when she dropped the bombshell, but the fact that a Peloton was involved makes the story even wilder. As social media savvy folks undoubtedly remember, Peloton went viral at the end of 2019 due to a commercial in which a husband gave his wife a Peloton.

Some on social media thought it looked like the husband was making her exercise, and the aftermath was not pretty for the man who played the husband in the ad. He does still have a sense of humor about it, as he actually gave his real-life girlfriend a Peloton for Christmas and then posted about it.

On the other hand, the actress who played the wife in the Peloton ad made out pretty well, as she was recruited by Ryan Reynolds for a spoof ad just hours after he saw the original. And that's not even the weirdest reaction to the commercial!

What has Peloton meant for Snooki? Well, she's clearly getting a good workout courtesy of the bike, and the controversy over the original ad didn't scare her off from the company. She may have more time for her Peloton and other hobbies in the not-too-distant future, as she made good on her threat to leave Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Yes, Snooki is leaving the hit MTV series.

For now, there are plenty of viewing options that don't need Snooki to entertain. Swing by our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule and our 2020 Netflix premiere lineup to see what to watch and when to watch it.

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