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The Walking Dead's Laura Actress Reveals Wild Sex Scene That Never Aired On TV

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet caught up with The Walking Dead Season 10.

Parts of the Walking Dead fanbase were up in arms over the recent homage-filled episode, "Stalker." Not for all the physical torment Norman Reedus' Daryl went through, either, but rather for the way the show killed off recurring character Laura without fanfare or any other characters seemingly noticing. Perhaps everyone will feel sated after hearing actress Lindsley Register's story about Laura's sex scene with Eugene that never aired on TV.

Following the airing of "Stalker," Lindsley Register spoke with the Independent about scenes she'd filmed in recent years that didn't make the episodes' final cuts. That's when she dropped that golden nugget of a sex scene.

There were scenes of me and Rosita starting to become friends where she and I like kill zombies together. I save her life at one point. And we filmed a really fun scene where me and Eugene get it on.

Hold the phone! Well, there aren't very many phones in this universe anymore, but hold the something! Of all the Walking Dead characters for Laura to get it on with at any point during the show, Eugene seems like the longest shot.

To make matters even weirder, Lindsley Register revealed that this sex scene would have happened whenever Eugene was still Negan's prisoner inside the Sanctuary. In her words:

One day I’m on set and our director is like, ‘I can’t tell you why but you’re gonna love the next episode’s script.’ I get it and there’s this scene where Eugene’s in the Saviors’ compound and the walkers have got in. I think we’re gonna die so I come into his room and we have sex. I’m like, ‘Don’t think too highly of this – I’m only doing it because we’re gonna die.’ He’s all shaken. it was so funny.

Well, yeah, okay, that does actually sound exactly like the kind of sex that Eugene Porter would be having. (Or even watching from afar.) The kind where the other person is just trying to stave off the inevitable outcome of death, and Eugene is the only body around to jump on. Not quite a match made in heaven, but not the worst relationship that Eugene has had with women on this show.

Who could turn down that fearful mullet-covered face?

laura and eugene the walking dead sanctuary

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After the official Skybound Walking Dead Twitter page shared a post in reference to Lindsley Register's story – complete with the caption #ReleaseTheLauraCut – TWD executive producer and writer Corey Reed responded with a couple of extra details.

Actually the episode is "Time for After." I wrote that scene/episode w/@MattNegrete & working on this was one of my favorite times in the writers room. We couldn't stop laughing at the things Eugene could do or say. 'If it’s all the same to you, I’d like to keep my socks on.'

That sounds about right. I bet those socks would have quaint embroidered catchphrases, too. Or perhaps they would have the entire reproductive system illustrated on them.

In any case, the scene never made it to air, so I guess we can't consider it canon. Eugene's sex life (or lack thereof) just can't catch a break on The Walking Dead. Maybe one day Rosita's feelings will flip around to something more rowdy. Or maybe he'll end up hooking up with Stephanie, the woman on the other end of his radio communications. I dare say, however, that Eugene will not be having sex with Laura in The Walking Dead's future, unless some VERY intense secrets get revealed about what turns him on these days.

Rest in peace, Laura. I certainly hope you found someone to get it on with before Beta wrecked shop and killed you, and I hope that someone wasn't Alpha (who's been busy between the metaphorical sheets herself).

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