Stranger Things Is Giving One Character More To Do In Season 4

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Stranger Things previously promoted Erica Sinclair's Priah Ferguson for Season 4, and it has now done the same with another more recent star. The next installment of the smash-hit series is on its way and, excited reactions aside, we're learning a little more about how the cast will shake out in Season 4, and it sounds like Brett Gelman will be around in a larger capacity.

Brett Gelman, who plays Murray Bauman on Stranger Things, has now been promoted to series regular status for Season 4. Gelman’s Murray, who was previously a recurring character, has gradually seen his presence heighten, and now he seems primed for an even larger role next season. Murray made his debut in Season 2 before taking on a heavier one in the record-breaking-for-Netflix Season 3.

Considering the understandable secrecy surrounding Stranger Things’ storylines, it is unclear what his new series-regular status could mean plot-wise for Brett Gelman’s Murray. Obviously, Murray was essential to helping Hopper and Joyce last season, and he could prove pivotal in Season 4.

One of Murray's particularly interesting skills is the ability to speak Russian, which could come in handy again, as Hopper has somehow ended up in Russia. Hopper is going to need some help to get out of the question-inducing predicament he will be in during Stranger Things Season 4, so who better than his Russian-speaking ally, Murray, to somehow help?

Stranger Things Brett Gelman Murray Bauman Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

A former journalist, Murray, was initially introduced as a private investigator hired by Barb’s parents concerning her disappearance. Murray ended up getting drawn deep into the “strange” happenings of Stranger Things, and his actions were critical in helping close the portal to the Upside Down in last season’s finale. Hopper made the ultimate sacrifice so that it could be shut down. Thankfully, teasers for Season 4 have confirmed Hopper is back among the living, and likely in need of a Russian translator again.

Season 4 has released a theory-producing image, and the title for the season premiere is quite the hot tease. Entitled “The Hellfire Club,” it is an apparent reference to the X-Men. In the comics, the titular club squared off against the superheroes.

Time will tell if Brett Gelman's Murray can offer any clarity on that front. One thing is for certain, though. Getting promoted to series regular status is a good sign for Murray’s presence when Season 4 premieres. So, it will be interesting to learn what Murray gets up to in Season 4.

Either way, Season 4 should be an interesting one for Murray. He is friends with Joyce, who was last seen heading out of Hawkins with her family and Eleven, in the aftermath of the finale. Will he come to her with information about Hopper? Or will she be the one who sends him out to track the sheriff down?

You can check out Brett Gelman in previous seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, along with lots of new 2020 content. A premiere date for Stranger Things Season 4 has not been revealed yet, so stay tuned! In the meantime, fans of the hit series can check out this winter and spring’s premieres.

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