Umbrella Academy Season 2: 11 Huge Questions We Still Need Answered From Season 1

Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Tom Hooper, and David Castañeda in The Umbrella Acad

The Umbrella Academy is one of Netflix’s breakout hit series. It gained a loyal fan base, increased sleep depravity, and started making fans go crazy with theories. The Umbrella Academy Season 1 launched in February 2019, so Season 2 has to be coming soon. The Umbrella Academy, based on the graphic novels created by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Ba, follows seven adopted siblings as they come together after their father sudden death. They start by following the mystery surrounding his death, but soon discover there are greater forces at work, and a bigger mission to complete.

Before The Umbrella Academy Season 2 sneaks up on us, let’s look back at Season 1 and some of the questions that still linger in our minds. As we’ll be discussing The Umbrella Academy Season 1, expect spoilers from this post.

Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Tom Hooper, Adian Gallagher, and David Castañeda in

Where Will The Hargreeves End Up In Time?

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 ended with Vanya (Ellen Page) creating the apocalypse. Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) had the chance to kill Vanya and save the world, but she chose to send a stray bullet near her ear. Vanya collapses and stops playing her violin, but she sends a jolt of energy that causes the bullet to hit the moon. It then breaks to pieces and falls to earth. The Hargreeves siblings soon realize that the moon’s debris is coming fast towards earth and the apocalypse is still happening.

Five (Aidan Gallagher) figures out that he might be able to have them all time travel together. After some hesitation, they all agree to it, and take Vanya. Five notes that they need her in order to try to fix her. The Umbrella Academy Season 1 ends with all of them (except Five) reverting back to their childhood selves. They time jump right before the moon debris hits them.

It appears that Five can control his time jumping abilities, but with him traveling with so many people, he might get thrown off a bit, meaning they could all end up anywhere from the future to a few weeks ago to their childhood. We are assuming that them becoming their childhood selves is because they’ll go back to a time before they isolated Vanya. However, this wouldn’t quite work to stop Vanya because whenever Five time jumps, he doesn’t time jump into his former self, he’s still the Five we know, so all the Hargreeves siblings would know what happened. Therefore, Vanya would still have the damage from the former timeline.

They would just have a weaker version of her, and we guess they could go through the whole growing up process again, and maybe teach Vanya to use her powers for good now, so when they reach adulthood, she wouldn’t be so angry? I don’t know… but we’re excited to see where they land in season 2 after their time jump.

Adian Gallagher as Five in Umbrella Academy

Will Season 2 Just Be A Bunch Of Different Time Jumps?

The Umbrella Academy did well for Netflix. So likely, they want to keep the series running as long as possible. That might mean stretching out this Vanya-creates-the-apocalypse storyline as far they can. We’re going to assume that it’ll still be the main storyline in Season 2, but more focused on individual elements of it.

This could easily mean that they spend entire episodes trying to change one factor to cause Vanya not to destroy everything. One episode could involve them trying to kill Harold (John Magaro) before he ignites the Vanya bomb, or even just trying to save him from becoming a deranged child. There could be an entire episode of the Hargreeves helping young Vanya with her powers, and them believing this stopped the apocalypse, only for something small to set her off as an adult, thus forcing them to time jump again. There are so many possibilities when you add time travel to the mix.

Robert Sheehan and Justin H. Min in Umbrella Academy

Will All Their Powers Advance?

Vanya’s powers allow her to channel her emotions into energy and objects. In a few short days, she became powerful enough to take out the entire world. Five’s time traveling abilities got stronger over the years, and now he can take people with him as he time jumps. Klaus (Robert Sheehan) is able to talk to spirits, he can also conjure them, and at the end of Season 1, he’s able to allow them to have a physical presence.

Diego (David Castañeda) is a skilled fighter whose powers include curving the trajectory of any object that he throws. Allison’s powers allow her to mind control by saying “I heard a rumor,” and then whatever she wants the person to believe or do. Luther (Tom Hopper) has super strength and a very durable body. He is able to get hurt but his body isn’t as fragile as most humans. Vanya, Klaus, and Five all advanced their powers in Season 1, but Diego, Allison, and Luther did not. We’re wondering if Season 2 will involve more surprise power developments from each of the Umbrella Academy members.

Robert Sheehan and Justin H. Min in Umbrella Academy

Will We Learn Ben’s Backstory?

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 left Ben’s death a big mystery. Ben is shown throughout Season 1 as a ghost hanging out with Klaus. Part of Klaus’s power advancement includes him being able to allow Ben to exist physically in the world of the living. Ben even used his monster summing abilities to help them fight The Temps Commission soldiers at the end of Season 1. If Klaus powers become even stronger, we could end up with Ben as a main part of the Umbrella Academy again, which likely leads to more insight into him as a Hargreeves.

Birthing scene in Umbrella Academy

What Happened To The Other Children Born On October 1, 1989?

The first episode of The Umbrella Academy mentions that 43 women around the world gave birth on that day at the same time after showing no previous signs of pregnancy. Reginald (Colm Feore) selected seven of these children to adopt. Harold was born on the same day, but we don’t learn enough about his background to see if his mother’s pregnancy fell into the unexplained pregnancy category. His mother died due to complications at birth, but his father seemed like he was expecting the birth. Therefore, this would eliminate Harold from the special baby club, and explain why he showed no signs of power. Harold being an October 1, 1989 baby reminded us that these other children exist and could appear in The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

Colm Feore as Sir Reginald in Umbrella Academy

Who Or What Is Sir Reginald?

The Umbrella Academy opens season 1 episode 10 “The White Violin with a reluctant younger Sir Reginald leaving his dying lover to go on a mission. He releases a jar of light out his window in a place that doesn’t quite look like earth. Later, he is shown migrating to what clearly is earth, and then finding a shop that will eventually become the Umbrella Academy. During Season 1, we don’t learn much about Sir Reginald except that he’s a terrible father. The flashback shows a different side of Reginald and that his whole existence seems to tie into bringing the Umbrella Academy together. Five even wondered how their dad knew about the apocalypse without time traveling abilities. It’s possible that Reginald could be an alien or from an advance race very far in the future.

Tom Hopper as Luther in Umbrella Academy

How Will Luther’s Moon Life Play Into Saving The World?

The moon being the planet that blew up made it a bit obvious that Luther’s moon mission ties into to stopping the apocalypse. He discusses how he spent four years on the moon for nothing over various episodes. In our minds, the minute the moon blew up, it became apparent that Luther is a major key for that part of the apocalyptic equation. We kept waiting for a bulb to go off in his head that would help them stop the debris from falling, but it never happened. There has to be a reason that Reginald sent Luther to the moon, especially when it blew up years later. There was method to Reginald’s madness, we just don’t know it yet.

Tom Hopper and Emmy Raver-Lampman as Luther and Allison in Umbrella Academy

Will Allison And Luther Finally Embrace Their Feelings For Each Other?

Luther and Allison have loved each other all their lives. It’s basically an open secret in their family, but they’ve let things get in the way of them being together, like Allison marrying someone else and Luther being on the moon. Right now, there aren't any big barriers keeping them apart. They have to stop Vanya from causing the apocalypse, but other than that, they could easily actually just get together already, even if it’s a little weird.

Robert Sheehan and Cody Ray Thompson as Klaus and Dave in Umbrella Academy

Will Klaus See Dave Again?

Klaus fell in love with Dave when he traveled back to the 1968 Vietnam War with one of the Temps Commission briefcases. The men fell in love and Dave died during the war, leaving Klaus devastated. He decides to become sober to try to conjure him. At the end of Episode 6, “The Day That Wasn’t,” Klaus successfully brings Dave’s spirit to him, but only for a moment because the day gets erased. The Hargreeves are a little too busy trying to save the world to worry about their love lives, but it would be nice if Klaus reunites with Dave, at least just once in Season 2.

Coco Assad and Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison and Claire in Umbrella Academy

Will Allison Gain Custody Of Claire Again?

Allison lost custody of Claire (Coco Assad) for using her “I heard a rumor” power on her daughter. During the last few episodes of The Umbrella Academy Season 1, Allison was determined to be with Claire before they all died. That didn’t happen, but she was able to tell her how much she loved her through Luther. It’s unclear if Claire will even exist if they start changing too much from their past with time traveling, but if Claire does still exist, we’d like to see Allison at least gain part-time custody of her in the near future.

Ellen Page as Vanya in Umbrella Academy

Can Vanya Be Saved?

Vanya turned supervillain at the end of The Umbrella Academy Season 1. Mainly, her father’s treatment of her and her siblings ignoring her received the blame for her turning evil. However, she showed questionable behavior prior to her father’s extreme methods to dull her powers. Reginald tried to teach Vanya to control them, but her temperament made it nearly impossible. She also, without feelings, wounded or killed many nannies before her father built Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins). Vanya also had no problem extremely killing Harold, who she claimed to love. We’re curious to see how the siblings try to use time traveling to save Vanya, but it would also be kind of fascinating if she was just evil and became a series’ villain.

We can’t wait to see how Umbrella Academy answers these questions and more when the Season 2 premieres. What lingering questions do you have about The Umbrella Academy Season 1? Make sure to binge watch The Umbrella Academy Season 1 before the new season drops on Netflix in 2020.

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