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Legends Of Tomorrow Isn't The Only DC Series To Reference The CW's Supernatural

Legends of Tomorrow is used to being at the center of crossover mania, given its placement within The CW's superhero-infused Arrow-verse. But the time-traveling and dimension-opening series took things to a different level recently when it revealed the upcoming in-universe appearance of the network's longest-running drama, Supernatural. But guess what? That episode (which as since been delayed on the schedule) won't even be the first Supernatural reference within DC canon.

Instead, that distinction goes to the latest issue of DC's Teen Titans comic book series, where Supernatural's Winchester brothers got name-checked. Issue #40 continues the team's struggles to take on the mystical Elias and his genie squad, with the action heading into literal Purgatory and possibly even Hell itself. What better setting could there be for a Supernatural reference? Check it out below!

teen titans comic supernatural reference

Indeed, Roundhouse, that does sound like "some straight-up Sam and Dean stuff," though Red Arrow didn't want to hear anything else about it. What if we wanted him to keep going, Emiko?!?

It isn't exactly made clear whether the Sam and Dean that Roundhouse spoke of were meant to be perceived as fictional characters on the show Supernatural, or if they were other heroes in this universe that the Teen Titans crossed paths with from time to time. Judging from how Legends of Tomorrow is handling things, Supernatural is very likely a slice of TV entertainment for the Teen Titans' enjoyment.

But hey, since we didn't see Kid Flash or Robin bringing up Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles independently of Sam and Dean, we can still pretend that the Winchesters are demon-hunters walking on the same ground as all these superheroes. And not just because they probably have all kinds of maps of Hell that the Titans could borrow.

It isn't immediately clear why multiple DC properties are showing their love for the long-running Supernatural, which is poised to end its 15-year run after this season. Perhaps it's indeed the fact that Supernatural is concluding after so long. Or perhaps DC is laying the groundwork for "Crisis in Infinite Afterlifes," where the fictional Sam and Dean are brought into the comic book world as "real" characters. Wouldn't it be wild if Jensen Ackles legitimately joined the Arrow-verse as Dean Winchester? (We know that Misha Collins would love to take on a role of the superhero variety, if nothing else.)

On Legends of Tomorrow, some of the gang will be heading to the woods in Vancouver for a mission, and it's there they'll come across one of Supernatural's most recognizable elements, the '67 Impala named "Baby." Although even within the superhero series, "Baby" will be a TV prop that's used during Supernatural's production, which also takes place in Vancouver. One of the early images from the episode that was released shows Caity Lotz's Sara holding a sign signifying that Supernatural is filming. Maybe one day you'll join the Arrow-verse for real, Sam and day.

At this point, it's unclear whether or not Supernatural's series finale will need to get pushed deeper into the schedule or not, since coronavirus concerns have completely altered the TV landscape. On that note, Legends of Tomorrow's first episode after Brandon Routh's exit, the one with Supernatural's car, currently doesn't have a concrete premiere date, but it'll likely debut in another two weeks on The CW. Expect to see some repeats for the next two or three Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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