Tormund Giantsbane Star Offers Some Good News After Coronavirus Diagnosis

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On Game of Thrones, he fought countless battles as Tormund Giantsbane but, in actuality, Kristofer Hivju has been fighting the coronavirus. Last month, Hivju shared that he had tested positive, and announced that he and his family would be self-isolating in the hopes of keeping others safe. Thankfully, Hivju now has some good news that even Tormund would raise a toast to!

In his first Instagram post since his diagnosis, Kristofer Hivju shared on Instagram that he and his wife (who was also likely infected) are “finally safe and sound.” Read Hivju’s full message below:

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In addition to giving the update, Kristofer Hivju shared a very inspirational message to those impacted and signs off with “lots of love” from him and his wife. I like to think that Tormund Giantsbane, even though he was a tough old son-of-a-gun, would probably approve of this message. I mean, really, you could tell that that gruff guy had a ton of heart, couldn't you?

Kristofer Hivju joins Tom Hanks and soon-to-be New Amsterdam star Daniel Dae Kim in defeating the illness. Hanks even gave a monologue during the “At Home” edition of Saturday Night Live this past weekend in which he detailed his battle. With so many people, unfortunately, not coming out alright on the other side (or having a very hard time doing so), it's always nice to hear as many positive stories as possible to help keep hope alive.

Kristofer Hivju's didn't reveal the kind of medication or care he utilized during his recovery, unlike Daniel Dae Kim. In fact, Kim took the time to detail the medication he had been given to combat his diagnosis in an Instagram post. Still, one can see why Hivju would probably want to keep things private when it comes to that aspect of his recovery.

Kristofer Hivju’s diagnosis came shortly after the news that he had joined the cast of The Witcher. Hivju will reportedly play Nivellen, a character from Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher short story “A Grain of Truth.” Following Hivju’s casting, word spread that another Game of Thrones’ co-star would reportedly be joining the series, too, and we can't wait to see the results of both castings.

The Witcher had already stopped filming when it was announced that Kristofer Hivju had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Although production has been put on delay, along with the production of most television shows and movies, casting has managed to continue. As of right now, though, it's still unclear as to when production will resume on The Witcher.

Nevertheless, Kristofer Hivju should make his debut on The Witcher eventually. For now, you can check out the first season on Netflix, which is currently streaming along with lots of new 2020 content. If you have further TV needs, you can watch this spring’s premieres.

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