Too Hot To Handle: The 8 Infuriating Times They Lost Money

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey in Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is the latest Netflix reality show taking over the internet. This reality show puts a bunch of hot and horny twenty-somethings on a beautiful beach resort and asks them not to hookup. It’s like Love Island but without the sex. At least, that’s the show’s intent. A voice activated device called Lana wants to teach the singles how to go beyond the physical to make deep meaningful connections before dropping their pants.

Unfortunately, it’s a good idea, but not executed very well. Many of these twenty-somethings were too self-absorbed to put aside their physical needs to do what was best for the group. They started the series with a $100,000 prize fund that got deducted every time a rule was broken. The rules were simple: no hookups, no heavy petting, and no kissing.

Too Hot To Handle is a very entertaining series if you enjoy Netflix reality show, and honestly, who doesn’t, but it was also very infuriating for people, like me, who wanted to rip out their hair every time these people treated the rules like a joke and casually lost thousands of dollars. Let us examine and rank all the annoying ways they lost money like we’re the accountant Kelz Dyke.

Warning this post contains spoilers about T*_oo Hot To Handle._ *Head back if you haven’t finished binge watching the series.

David Birtwistle And Lydia Clyma in Too Hot To Handle

#8. David Birtwistle And Lydia Clyma: $3,000 Lost

This is one of the few rule breaks that didn’t bother me as much as the other offenses. I was still a bit annoyed with David Birtwistle for disregarding the rules, since he had shown so much maturity and restraint in the past. However, his move was a little more understandable than others. Everyone else at this point had basically said screw the rules, I’m going to do what I want. So it’s more forgivable if David said the same thing and decided to kiss Lydia Clyma.

David had already been rejected by two women (Rhonda Paul and Chloe Veitch) for maybe not being bold enough, so he could have tried to avoid the same fate by going for the kiss with Lydia. Also, by the time Lydia and David kissed, others had done far worse. They pretty much had nothing in the prize fund, so losing another $3,000 didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Bryce Hirschberg And Chloe Veitch on Too Hot To Handle

#7. Bryce Hirschberg And Chloe Veitch: $3,000 Lost

Anyone watching could tell Bryce Hirschberg and Chloe Veitch had zero to negative chemistry, so any attempt at making it seem like a romance was brewing between them was a big stretch. It seemed like Chloe kissed him just to get some action. By this episode, Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend had already had their private suite hookup and deducted a lot from the prize fund, so she could have thought my $3,000 kiss is nothing compared to what they lost us.

Chloe may have also genuinely been unsure if she was attracted to Bryce and needed the kiss to sort out her feelings. Either way, the manner in which Chloe just went for the kiss without hesitation made me frustrated because I just knew it would start a trend among the singles.

Chloe Veitch and Kori Sampson

#6. Chloe Veitch and Kori Sampson: $3,000 Lost

Chloe’s kissing Kori was a lot more maddening than her kissing Bryce. While I do think she may have kissed Bryce to see if there was a real physical spark, her kiss of Kori seemed more in plain horniness. It was also clear that Kori had very little real interest in her. He was trying to get with Francesca just because she was considered the fittest bird there.

Chloe basically wasted money on this kiss. It also made me go, you dummy, after he only then asked out Francesca and basically shrugged Chloe off.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey in Too Hot To Handle

#5. Francesca Farago And Harry Jowsey: $3,000 Lost

The kiss that started it all. Francesca and Harry’s behavior was enraging the whole way through. At no moment was I rooting for either of them. They both came off as spoiled brats who weren’t used to being told no. They may not regret what they did, but I regret having to watch them for eight episodes.

This kiss was one of the most maddening because it set the tone. This showed how much they did not care about the rules, and would do it just because they felt like it. It must have been frustrating for the other contestants having to try to work with people like Harry and Francesca.

Francesca Farago and Haley Cureton in Too Hot To Handle

#4. Francesca Farago And Haley Cureton: $3,000 Lost

I’ll admit that when Francesca and Haley Cureton first kissed, I was on their side. It was kind of justified when Harry lied about Francesca initiating the kiss and everyone believed him. However, the way they tried to frame Sharron and Rhonda, and then Haley’s general bitter attitude made this act all the more annoying.

It helped establish that Francesca did not care whatsoever if they won any money, and helped show Haley’s bad vibe and terrible attitude overall. They were definitely a great reality TV show villain duo.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey in Too Hot To Handle

#3 Francesca Farago And Harry Jowsey: $6,000 Lost

Harry and Francesca should have just worn a sign that said “everyone else can go to hell, I’m going to do what I want,” all season, because that was their attitude. They were the most important people ever (to themselves), so if you knew you weren’t going to find your soulmate and wanted to win money, they said sucks to be you, because they didn’t care.

This action cost them an additional $6,000, after they had already lost $26,000 from kissing (Francesca with two different people) and sex. I know they had no other forms of release, but cold showers exist for a reason.

Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul in Too Hot To Handle

#2 Rhonda Paul And Sharron Townsend: $16,000 Lost

Between the two couples, Sharron and Rhonda were not that bad. They seemed to have formed a genuine connection, not just one based on physical attraction. They also resisted breaking the rules multiple times. However, the one time they got the suite, they went wild. They did everything but full intercourse.

This moment was so frustrating because they had a lovely scene before where they told everyone they didn’t have sex. It seemed like they experienced a lot of personal growth and deserved some praise. Then Lana drops the bombshell that they didn’t have sex but they did a lot that needed censoring. With such a high bill, they might as well just had sex and called it a day.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey in Too Hot To Handle

#1. Francesca Farago And Harry Jowsey: $20,000 Lost

I commend them for at least admitting that they had sex right off. However, I still hate that they did it. I will eat my words if Francesca and Harry end up being the couple of the century, and last a long time, get married, have kids,, etc., but I would be surprised if their love is the lasting kind, though it appears they're still together (but separated due to the current quarantine situation). It seemed like a romance very much based on lust. None of the singles seemed desperate for money, but that money could probably last longer than Harry did with his time with Francesca.

Harry and Francesca absolutely deserved none of the money. The money should have been distributed to people who actually followed the rules and showed growth. These two only showed that they’re horny and self-centered.

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey, and David Birtwistle And Lydia Clyma in Too Hot To Handle

Bonus: Francesca Farago And Harry Jowsey: $32,000 Gained

Lana allowed Harry and Francesca to win back all the money that they lost. They just had to stay in a suite together alone and not touch. Somehow, they kept it in their pants all night. I don’t necessarily think they redeemed themselves by going one night without sex, but I guess good on them for not being complete idiots and ruining it even further for the rest of the group. So two very short claps for them.

Despite my complaining, Too Hot To Handle is a very fun dating reality program, just try not to pull too much of your hair out when they do so many infuriating things. The entire season is currently available to stream on Netflix. Stream it here.

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