How Too Hot To Handle Stars Francesca And Harry's Relationship Is Going Now

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Netflix has done it again. Just like our obsessions with The Circle and Love Is Blind earlier this year, the streamer's latest reality show, Too Hot To Handle has captured our sexually unfulfilled imaginations. Well, maybe not exactly that, but you know what I mean. No one can stop talking about Too Hot To Handle! As such, many people are wondering what's going on with one of the couples who were forced to try to abstain from all naughty activity while in paradise: Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey. We recently got an update on that front, and it should make fans pretty happy.

While there were certainly plenty of other hot and horny singles in Mexico for Francesca and Harry to set their sights on when they hit the Too Hot To Handle set, the two were into each other pretty much from the time they first saw each other. Their attraction was even so strong that they managed to get in some makeout time before everyone's X-rated behavior was put on lockdown. Here's what Francesca told Entertainment Tonight about where the couple is now that it's been almost a year since they first met:

I love him so much. It's actually crazy to think about, because the circumstances that we met are unlike any other. I think we are going to be connected for life. It's hard being away from him because he is in Los Angeles and I am in Vancouver. But once this quarantine is over, we are going to move in together and it's going to be amazing and magical. We are going to get married and have kids!

Man, that is a way more enthusiastic answer than I was expecting! As I said above, Francesca and Harry were into each other from their very first moments together at the retreat, but I really didn't know if real love could blossom between any of the people we followed during Too Hot To Handle. For those who are still unaware, the whole point is to isolate a group of really hot, commitment-phobic and very sexual singles at a fancy retreat and try to see if they can form deep connections by taking sex out of the relationship equation.

All of the people we meet, who are barely dressed for most of the time, are competing for a $100,000 grand prize if they all can go without, kissing, heavy petting or any kind of sexual release (yes, even that) for the entire month of their stay. If anyone does any sex-type things money gets deducted from the overall prize. And, even though several of the contestants lost the group money, Francesca and Harry absolutely did their part to contribute to that.

It's hard to tell if their flaunting of the rules helped them get closer or not, but at least they came away from Too Hot To Handle with some real feelings for one another. In fact, why don't I let Harry update you on his relationship with Francesca right now?

We were talking last night about getting married so I can go across the border to see her. After the show, everything was like a roller coaster, and we actually broke up for a few months. We took a break, and then a few months ago, I got drunk in L.A. and texted her that I wanted to FaceTime her dog. I was like, 'Hey, I don't want to talk to you, can I just talk to your puppy?' So at that point we just started talking. Long story short, I flew her down, fell in love again and now we want to get married. Right now, we just cherish each other that much more. We dated a few people in between, both of us, and I even said to the last girl I dated, I was like, 'Hey, look, I'm still madly in love with my ex, and I'm so sorry but we can't do this.' And here we are, better than ever!

My goodness! These two are serious, aren't they? And, they seem to be holding on to their relationship even in these difficult times where they can't see each other in person. I can't help but wonder if being a part of Too Hot To Handle actually helped them with that. Either way, let's hope they continue to keep going strong.

You can watch Too Hot To Handle on Netflix right now, but to see what else you can check out on the small screen, visit our Netflix premiere schedule and see what's coming up this summer!

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