The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Spoilers: Julia Admits ‘Major Mistakes’ With Brandon And Sheridan

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Come back once you've caught up!

The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart has continued to be messy as all get out in Season 1, and a lot of that big drama has come from the love triangle antics of Julia, Brandon, and Sheridan. Julia and Brandon hit it off on night one, but Julia was quite popular with several of the gentlemen, and she eventually decided to give Sheridan a shot, while Brandon decided to try his luck with Savannah. Now, Julia is admitting that she made some "major mistakes" during her time on the show.

Julia and Brandon's decisions to try things out with other people did not end well for them. First of all, it led to some serious back and forth between Julia and Brandon, as they continued to string along Sheridan and Savannah to see how things would play out. Secondly, they looked like our first real LTYH villains with how they treated those two, especially since they seemed pretty all-in with regards to their also-rans. And, last but not least, they ended up getting booted off of the show, so their choices ultimately didn't really work out.

Now that Julia has been able to get some space from the situation, though, and is watching her behavior back, she seems to have gained some solid perspective. Julia recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight, and admitted that while she and Sheridan had been in "constant contact" after being on the show, he's since stopped responding to her after watching what went on behind his back, specifically after the second episode, in which Julia went on and on about her feelings for Brandon. Here's what she had to say about their relationship and her time on the show:

I think he's understandably hurt. We lived this experience. I think it's one thing to live it and then watch it over again for all of us. And I think he's rightfully hurt. I apologized to him and I said, 'I understand why you would like some space right now.' And I owned up to the fact that I made some major mistakes in the way that I handled these situations.

Man, I have to tell you, I have watched several seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and I don't know if I've ever heard someone own up to their reality show idiocy as much as Julia now has. After everyone was forced to switch partners for a date, with Julia and Brandon getting a chance to go out, she decided to dump Sheridan (after assuring him that he had nothing to worry about beforehand), while Brandon employed all of his half-assedness to sorta break things off with Savannah, who had to tell him she didn't want to be his second choice and leave on her own.

The new duo of Julia and Brandon then performed together, but their lack of on-stage chemistry turned off the judges and they were sent packing, which led to Julia's first admission of having made a bad decision in picking Brandon. While Brandon, obviously, made huge mistakes and dick moves as much as Julia (like confessing to another contestant that he still wanted things to work with Savannah the same day as his date with Julia), at least we never really saw him lash out at Sheridan, which is exactly what Julia did with her competition. As you might guess, Julia now feels pretty bad about that move, as well:

I totally misdirected my anger at Brandon towards Savannah. I totally regret that and I called her right after filming was done and I apologized, because I knew even then that it was wrong. I think I also fell into the trap that many women are familiar with...when you have a guy in front of you that is playing you...I was trying to chase something to fulfill something in me and that went awry.

Again, Bachelor Nation, when was the last time you heard someone who took part in one of these shows recognize their shitty behavior and so fully own up to it? Julia may have done the wrong things as the cameras were rolling, but she does get some points in my book for being able to watch it all back with a clear head. I wouldn't give her a second shot if I were Sheridan, but maybe he's a better person than I am, and Julia will get lucky.

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