When Calls The Heart's Daniel Lissing Reveals Even Celebs Are Not Immune To Having To Postpone Weddings

Daniel Lissing on When Calls the Heart
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made this a time of uncertainty for everyone. One of the ways in which people have been affected is that they must now rearrange and postpone events. And it would appear that celebrities also aren't immune to this, as When Calls the Heart’s Daniel Lissing now has to postpone a major event -- his wedding.

Daniel Lissing has confirmed to told ET that he and fiancé Nadia are putting their destination wedding in Bali on hold. The event itself was initially set to happen later this year. Lissing originally announced his engagement to his girlfriend in October 2019.

So when is it going to happen now? Well, Daniel Lissing shared that the tentative window for the pair’s big day is now in “May or June” of 2021. With this, the postponement puts the former When Calls the Heart star’s big day out quite a while from its original date.

While When Calls the Heart’s Daniel Lissing is one of many having to put their weddings on hiatus, one celeb notably moved up their big day to avoid coronavirus restrictions. Bindi Irwin, a Dancing with the Stars champion and daughter of late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, apparently rushed her wedding to an earlier date to avoid any delays.

Aside from wedding postponements, most people undoubtedly know by now that the TV world has been hit hard by the global health crisis. Due to the pandemic, television production had to cease production earlier this year.

Earlier this year, Candace Cameron Bure even revealed that even Hallmark (Daniel Lissing's former TV home) is giving its movies the postponement treatment. There are, admittedly, many films to enjoy while fans wait for more to arrive, but that wait is going to be difficult for diehard fans.

While Daniel Lissing's mind is most likely not on TV but on his canceled nuptials, at least there's a happily ever after in store for him and his fiancé. And that's more than can be said for his When Calls the Heart character. Lissing left the hit Hallmark drama back in 2018 during Season 5, and Lissing’s Jack was subsequently killed off the series. Thus, ending the fan-favorite romance between Jack and his new bride, Elizabeth.

This development has given rise to Jack’s widow trying to find love following his death. After returning for Season 7, When Calls the Heart has pushed forward in the absence of Daniel Lissing’s beloved character with a controversial love triangle involving Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan. Suffice it to say, some Hearties’ hearts have not been filled with the most heart-fluttering sentiments over it.

Luckily, Daniel Lissing and his fiancé don't have to worry about any of this kind of drama, and will still be able to look forward to their wedding happening at some point in the future.

When Calls the Heart will return for Season 8 well after this summer’s premieres. It will air sometime in 2021. Until then, you can currently stream the first five seasons of When Calls the Heart on Netflix, among 2020’s premieres.

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