Friends’ Courteney Cox Had To Face An Incredible Challenge For Celebrity Escape Room

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In case you have been wondering what Courteney Cox has been up to since Friends ended, one of the answers is helping a good cause. Cox recently starred in Celebrity Escape Room, and she ended up going through a lot to do it. In fact, the Friends star valiantly fought through an ordeal that her co-stars did not realize would pose an issue.

The anxiety was all for a good cause, though. The Celebrity Escape Room special was part of Red Nose Day, which helps end child poverty. So, what incredible challenge did Courteney Cox have to face to take part in it? Well, it turns out that the Friends actress, like many others, suffers from claustrophobia. Otherwise known as a fear of small, enclosed spaces.

Celebrity Escape Room is the celebrity version of a game in which players work through a series of puzzles together to escape a room in a set time. Hence, the title, and the ensuing cause of Courteney Cox’s anxiety. Of the situation facing Cox on the show, YouTube channel star and Celebrity Escape Room game master Jack Black, told ET:

We did not know going in that Courteney was going to have issues with claustrophobia, but it did become a part of the thing… But she faced her inner demons and she prevailed.

Go, Courteney Cox! Jack Black acknowledged that no one knew that Cox was going to have an issue playing the game, but it is easy to empathize with why that happened. The idea of being in a room you cannot get out of until you solve a puzzle is enough to make me literally start to sweat. Thankfully for her, Cox was not alone during her time on Celebrity Escape Room.

In truth, she had a pretty fabulous company. Courteney Cox’s Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow, Ben Stiller, and Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott joined her. Plus, as Celebrity Escape Room progressed and a new escape room was defeated, Cox was able to at least be in a different enclosed space. After managing to escape the first room, the quad earned $30,000 for Red Nose Day.

The good news is that when Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow eventually get together to film that Friends reunion for HBO Max, she should not get too claustrophobic. The intense pressure of having to solve a puzzle in a set period will not be a part of things like it was on Celebrity Escape Room, so that is a significant upside.

Courteney Cox managed to work through her issues to raise money for charity, and now she has that reunion with her co-stars to look forward to in the process. Instead of solely enjoying the royalties from Friends rolling in, Cox is working to do some good. At least, she had one of her funny real-life Friends to aid her in doing so.

You can watch Courteney Cox on Friends via HBO Max, and there are tons of summer premieres to keep you entertained as well.

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