Is A Duggar Couple Moving Abroad After Family Drama With Jim Bob?

Jill and Derick Duggar 2019

It’s been no secret that Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard have had a bit of a falling out with the rest of the Counting On clan and in particular Jill’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob. Previous reports have indicated the couple’s time with the family has been limited by Jim Bob and now Derick is saying his family is considering moving overseas.

Derick Dillard has been speaking a lot for himself and his wife in recent weeks. He seems unhappy with the fact he and his wife’s time with the family has been limited, as apparently Jill has to have permission and can only go home when Jim Bob says so, according to Derick. Now, he’s saying with the strife they may take another mission trip, telling The Sun:

Our original plan from the time we married was to serve permanently on the international mission field. So, yes, we are definitely open to moving wherever God would lead us.

This isn’t as wild of a comment as you might think. In fact, the two are known for their mission work. They spent time in El Salvador in 2016 on a missionary trip for example before moving back to Arkansas in 2017. The thought of them moving again for ministry shouldn’t make anyone bat an eyelash.

In fact, Derick Dillard once cited his contract with TLC as being one of the reasons he and his wife quit Counting On. He’s said his contract was “bogus” back in 2019 and that the reason Derick and Jill initially quit Counting On had to do with the network allegedly pushing them. He said in now-deleted tweets (that can still be seen over at The Dailymail):

That's why we quit filming - TLC kept trying to keep us from missionary work.

The reports of drama between the former Counting On stars and their famous family have mostly come from Derick Dillard. Meanwhile, Jill Duggar Dillard does have social media and keeps up an Instagram in which she mostly shares photos of her husband and kids. Every once and awhile she’ll pop up in a larger Duggar family photo such as the one below.

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Jill does seem to get along with with Derick, though (which is good since they are married), often sharing comments such as “anywhere with you is my favorite place to be” on social media. The two have been married since 2014, after which they spent a couple of years on a missionary trip before returning to the States.

Meanwhile Derick has also accused Jim Bob Duggar of withholding money, which is theoretically why he and his wife left Counting On, but he says he would be open to a return “if we had a say in the terms.” Meanwhile, after months of rumors, TLC finally confirmed that Counting On will be back for Season 11, so perhaps we’ll eventually hear more about this story after all.

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