Kaley Cuoco And Her Husband Are Too Cute Celebrating Their Two-Year Anniversary

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While you wonder what superhero Kaley Cuoco would be perfect to play, the actress is celebrating her two-year wedding anniversary with her husband, Karl Cook. The couple wed on June 30, 2018, and two years into life as a married couple, they still seem pretty pleased, as Cuoco and Cooke’s social media posts can attest.

Kaley Cuoco knows her way around a tribute. She recently paid one to The Big Bang Theory for the first anniversary of its series finale airing, and now she is celebrating another part of her life. That would be the love she still has for her husband of two years. Check out Cuoco’s sweet post below:

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What a gorgeous wedding dress and I love that cape! I have to admit that this is the first time I have seen pictures from Kaley Cuoco’s nuptials, and they are pretty stunning. As for the content of Cuoco’s post, it is also super beautiful. If you are curious about what The Big Bang Theory cast is doing now, you can include Cuoco’s happy marriage in there.

Two years in, Kaley Cuoco still has endearing things to say about her husband, and he has lovely things to say about her. Karl Cook also took to Instagram to share his thoughts on his and his wife’s two-year wedding anniversary. Wearing as many TV hats as Cuoco does has not hampered things between them, as Cook’s post below indicates:

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Like Penny and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, the pair have a lot to be happy about, including the fact that they recently started living together. While married for nearly two years, Kaley Cuoco and her husband only moved in together back in March when their dream house and work lives were ready, per People. That was a development which means that their two-year anniversary is actually only their first anniversary celebrated as a couple who lives together.

As for Kaley Cuoco’s career, it has been incredibly busy since The Big Bang Theory ended. The actress signed on for the TV thriller, The Flight Attendant, and voices Harley Quinn in the eponymously-named DC Universe series.

Kaley Cuoco said goodbye to The Big Bang Theory almost a year into her marriage to Karl Cook, but her career has remained active ever since. The Flight Attendant is set to arrive on HBO Max, which is already home to every episode of The Big Bang Theory, meaning that her former series is a definite option for Cuoco's viewing time while celebrating her anniversary!

HBO Max paid good money (over a billion dollars) for the incredibly popular sitcom. Kaley Cuoco has had that and many other thrilling developments shape her first two years of marriage. Fans excited to see her in The Flight Attendant have a lot to look forward to, as the show gave Cuoco insight into why she would not want be a flight attendant.

While you wait for that show to land, The Big Bang Theory is now streaming on HBO Max, and it is joined by its prequel spinoff, Young Sheldon. While you wait for Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming drama, The Flight Attendant, check out this summer’s premieres.

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