Sweet Magnolias’ JoAnna Garcia Swisher And More Stars React To Season 2 Renewal On Netflix

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As anyone who's ever loved a TV show will know, while waiting for a new season to start can be difficult, there's nothing quite like falling in love with a show and having to wait for weeks or months to see if said show will even get another season. Fans of the Netflix hit Sweet Magnolias have been embroiled in just such a wait since the small town romantic drama debuted on May 19. Now, the show has finally gotten the greenlight for Season 2, and viewers are rejoicing right along with JoAnna Garcia Swisher and several of the other stars of the series.

Fan have been harboring a lot of hopes for Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias, and not just because they found the show (which follows lifelong friends Maddie (Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley) and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) as they juggle their careers, families and love lives in the small town of Serenity, South Carolina) thoroughly enjoyable to watch. The series ended Season 1 on some major cliffhangers, and it would seem that JoAnna Garcia Swisher was so excited at the renewal that all she could do was retweet the news:

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Yes, JoAnna, this is certainly a very good reason to celebrate! And, there's nothing wrong with being so overjoyed at some good news that all you can do is throw up some emojis as a sign that you see a reason to party. Garcia Swisher also retweeted the renewal info with a spray of heart emojis, so it's clear that she's really feeling good about getting to return as Maddie. Which makes plenty of sense, because, along with her character being very invested in the outcome of a certain car accident, Garcia Swisher also has her own hopes for Season 2, and some desire to clear up a little love triangle controversy.

Another character who was left worrying about who was injured in that car accident was Brooke Elliott's Dana Sue, and the actress also took to Twitter to respond to Sweet Magnolias now being graced with a Season 2 renewal:

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I bet she is excited! While Dana Sue had to deal with some pretty serious health and financial issues by the time Season 1 wrapped, she also (finally) had some good news in her life. And, when I say "good news" I mean two hot men were after the single mom, with one being her ex-husband, Ronnie, and the other being a strapping young farmer named Jeremy. Good on you, Dana Sue!

Meanwhile, we can't forget serious-minded lawyer Helen. Heather Headley's character spent most of the season falling back into a relationship with her many-times-over ex, Ryan, even though it's been clear to everyone but them for decades that they simply aren't meant to be. Headley also posted to Twitter about Sweet Magnolias coming back, and her words will make fans glad that they supported the show:

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It's obvious that everyone involved in Sweet Magnolias is emotional about the series, which does turn up the heat a bit compared to Hallmark romances, getting a second season. And, Brandon Quinn, who plays Ronnie, was so excited that it led to a teensy little typo when he tweeted out his thanks the first time around:

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We've all posted to social media so quickly that we messed up some details, whether large or small, so I think we can all forgive Quinn for making such a small mistake when such big news was on his mind. All that really matters is that Sweet Magnolias will be coming back to Netflix for Season 2, so now we've all got some televised goodness to look forward to!

We don't know when Sweet Magnolias will be back with new episodes just yet, but you can look into our summer schedule and fall TV guide to see what to watch right now and in the coming weeks!

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