Doom Patrol: 6 Questions We Have After The Season 2 Finale

doom patrol season 2 finale

Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol offered a plethora of zany subplots throughout its sophomore season — including scant-infested paintings, the Sex Men, and a time traveling villain with a clock for a head — but the Season 2 finale was quite possibly the darkest a TV show has gotten. The DC Universe and HBO Max show left off on a less-than-hopeful cliffhanger that had the Doom Patrol stuck in yet another complicated, potentially world-ending situation.

The Season 2 finale of Doom Patrol saw everyone facing off with their imaginary friends (that was Jesus for Cliff) and attempting to defeat the terrifying Candlemaker. Suffice it to say, it did not end well for anyone involved, with the team turned into wax and Jane thrown into a dire situation after confronting Miranda in the Underground. With so much going on, here are six questions we have after the Season 2 finale.

doom patrol dorothy season 2

Where Did Dorothy Really Go When She Left With The Candlemaker?

The Candlemaker has been a looming threat since Dorothy's introduction in Season 2. We know Dorothy has the ability to manifest imaginary friends, but the Candlemaker is the most dangerous of all. All it takes is for Dorothy to make just one wish and the Candlemaker unleashes rage, death, and chaos.

The Season 2 finale saw Dorothy going off with the Candlemaker, disappearing into a stoking fire. My best guess is that Dorothy went with him to stop his senseless violence, though where that might be is a mystery. That said, it's possible Dorothy vanished to a spirit world of some sort. Before leaving, Dorothy put on her mother's moccasin boots, so it could also be that she went back to where she was born.

miranda season 2 doom patrol

Is Miranda Actually A Manifestation Of Kay's Father?

Over the course of Doom Patrol Season 2, we learned that Miranda was the personality leading the Underground before Jane took over. Miranda was thought to have died in the Underground's well, but she showed back up looking to move forward instead of living in the past. She also wanted to make amends with Dorothy after Candlemaker killed two of the 64 personalities.

However, the Season 2 finale revealed that the real Miranda had died in the well and was replaced by someone with questionable intentions. There's definitely an implication that "Miranda" may be a manifestation of the young girl's abusive father. Considering how central the well has been and how much it scares Kay, there's a chance that "Miranda" is drawing upon the bad memories and has manifested into the person Kay fears the most, growing stronger the more personalities are thrown in the well.

doom patrol cyborg season 2

Will Cyborg Stop Avoiding His PTSD?

Cyborg went through one hell of an ordeal in Doom Patrol Season 1, almost beating his father to death after being affected by Mr. Nobody. He also learned that his father, Silas Stone, had lied to him about the circumstances surrounding his mother's death. In Season 2, Cyborg was still suffering from nightmares and decided to seek out therapy.

However, his PTSD and his feelings in general were left mostly unexplored. Season 2 spent a lot of time on his relationship with Roni, but when she asked him to discuss his trauma he changed the subject. In the Season 2 finale, Cyborg's imaginary friend (an affirming cowboy with the face of Silas) began to scratch the surface of all that Cyborg's been through and really made him think a bit more about it. Of course, he was subsequently turned into wax so I'm hoping he'll finally be able to face his trauma after the Doom Patrol deal with their latest conundrum.

niles caulder season 2 doom patrol

Will Niles Caulder Actually Die?

Niles Caulder is a generally mysterious and manipulative guy. We never know what he's up to until it's necessary for him to spill the beans. At the beginning of Doom Patrol Season 2, Niles gave away his life-prolonging amulet and sought other ways to obtain immortality, all so he could stay alive alongside his daughter. (Instead of letting her grow up, he decided living forever was the solution.)

Without his amulet, Niles' health began deteriorating and he was coughing up blood by the Season 2 finale. There's a chance that Niles will actually die. He has lived for hundreds of years at this point already and it seems like the logical next step. However, Doom Patrol is still a superhero show and it's rare for anyone to stay dead for long so I'd wager that Niles will survive with a last-minute rescue by Dorothy.

candlemaker season 2 doom patrol

How Do The Candlemaker's Powers Actually Work?

The gist from what I've seen so far is that the Candlemaker needs Dorothy's permission to use his powers in the real world. Dorothy's imaginary friends seem to have one thing in common and that's being there to protect and ensure the safety of Dorothy. However, the Candlemaker seems to have his own plans, growing more volatile as Dorothy ages. Considering that he's attached to Dorothy herself, it was weird to watch him wreak so much havoc on the Doom Patrol's members in the Season 2 finale despite her telling him to stop.

The Candlemaker manifested their own imaginary friends and then covered them in wax, but it wasn't something Dorothy had wished him to do. So, is it that he becomes more independent of her the older she gets? Doom Patrol seems to indicate as much, but the extent of his powers is still rather obscure. Does he want to start the apocalypse? What's more, we now know that he's attached to Dorothy's ancestors on her mom's side so that could play a role in how he obtained his powers, though the reasons for why he's so cruel have yet to be explained.

doom patrol season 2 jane diane guerrero

How Will Jane Escape The Underground's Well?

Diana Guerrero’s Jane found out the hard way that Miranda is no longer the real Miranda. After taking Larry and going back to the farm where Kay grew up, Jane went down into the well to retrieve Kay's beloved stuffed toy in the hopes that she could prove to the Underground that she was still capable of being in control. However, she was thrown into the well by "Miranda" instead, only to shockingly realize that the real Miranda's corpse was at the bottom. The sight was terrifying and incredibly dark.

Whatever fake Miranda has in store definitely can't be good and Jane will only be able to survive in the well for so long. I'm holding out hope that the rest of the Underground catches wind of Jane going missing, especially now that her station has closed. Maybe they'll all come to her rescue in an attempt to thwart Miranda. Perhaps there's even an escape route down in the well that Jane can swim through to safety despite it looking pretty deep. All told, I hope that one of the Doom Patrol can figure out a way to find and save her in a potential Season 3.

With all that said, Doom Patrol has not officially been renewed for Season 3, though I'm willing to bet that we will get another season. In the meantime, you can watch the entirety of Season 2 on both DC Universe and HBO Max. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates on the show and let us know what you think will happen after the Season 2 finale in the comments section!

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