Netflix’s Kominsky Method Is Losing A Major Star Ahead Of Final Season

The Kominsky Method Alan Arkin Norman Newlander Michael Douglas Sandy Kominsky Netflix

The Kominsky Method Alan Arkin Norman Newlander Michael Douglas Sandy Kominsky Netflix

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The Kominsky Method is heading to the finish line with its third and final season on Netflix. In a stunning turn of events, one of the show’s major stars will not be crossing it with the rest of the cast. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin co-led the dramedy throughout its first two seasons. Now comes word that one of them will not be returning for Season 3.

Deadline reports that Alan Arkin will not be returning for The Kominsky Method’s final season on Netflix. Yes, you read that correctly. Arkin’s Norman Newlander will not be a part of the show’s last run of episodes. The big question now is why the actor is departing. The 86-year-old Arkin remained in impeccable form in The Kominsky Method’s now-penultimate season, in my book.

Alan Arkin reportedly made the call well ahead of the final season and the coronavirus pandemic. Arkin’s Norman will get a proper sendoff via a prepared plot. What could explain Norman’s exit? He ended the last season by reuniting with his grandson, Robby, who impressed Norman enough to consider making him his successor at the agency.

Hence, The Kominsky Method could explain that Norman went off to pursue his life post-retirement after the Season 2 finale, which started streaming in October 2019. What does not make any sense to this viewer is why Norman would be away from Sandy when Sandy is dealing with so much. Of course, the show could have Sandy say that he is with Norman without showing him.

Nevertheless, it is a massive loss for The Kominsky Method as it heads into its final season. The magical repartee between Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin has been at the forefront of the show. It is tough to imagine the dramedy without Arkin. However, Season 2 did seem to set up the possibility of Arkin’s exit by introducing Mad About You’s Paul Reiser.

The Mad About You revival star rushed onto the screen last season with one memorable scene after another. Plus, Paul Reiser’s on-screen buddy chemistry with Michael Douglas was through the roof. At the time, I found it curious and had my suspicions that The Kominsky Method was trying to pair Sandy up with someone in the event of Alan Arkin exiting some way or another.

While I will miss Alan Arkin in the final season, I have hope that the show’s quality will remain thanks to Paul Reiser’s Marty buddying up to Michael Douglas’ Sandy. For two seasons, Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin’s performances as Sandy Kominsky and Norman Newlander have been met with critical acclaim, and they deserved it. As for Norman, he seemed to have found some peace in what is now his final episode.

Season 2 saw him reconcile with his daughter in a moving storyline and reunite with his grandson. There could not be a better note to end with on-screen than that. I am curious if Nancy Travis will reprise her role as Lisa. Travis has Last Man Standing Season 9 coming up, and with the production delays, I imagine there could be interference. Hopefully not, though.

There is only so much star-loss I can take. If Paul Reiser and Michael Douglas return, the show should be in good hands. You can stream the first two seasons of The Kominsky Method on Netflix along with lots of new 2020 content. A release date for the dramedy’s third and final season has not been revealed yet. While you await its arrival, check out this fall’s premieres.

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