Supernatural Finale: Star Reveals How The Ending Is Notably Different In Spanish

supernatural castiel tells dean he loves him

After 15 seasons and 328 episodes, Supernatural ended its run on The CW. While the beloved series focused its final episode on Sam and Dean, the angel Castiel got his very own emotional farewell a couple of episodes prior to the series finale. However, Castiel's admission of love plays out a lot differently in the Spanish dubbed version of the episode. Now, Misha Collins is setting the record straight for fans who are confused by the scene’s changes.

In the Season 15 episode “Despair,” Castiel tells Dean that he loves him. Dean is floored, but his response isn’t a reciprocation of his feelings. Rather, “Don’t do this, Cas” is what Dean says instead, referring to Cas getting himself taken by The Empty. A video circulating on Twitter revealed how the scene was notably different after it was dubbed in Spanish. Dean’s response to Cas’ declaration in Spanish was changed to “Yo a ti, Cas,” which means “I love you, Cas.” Watch it below:

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Suffice it to say that some fans were thrilled that this version exists because it righted a perceived wrong for those who believed Dean and Castiel should have become a romantic couple on Supernatural. Other viewers were just plain confused about the dialogue change. Misha Collins got wind of the viral video and took to Twitter to clear the air. Here’s what he said:

Hi, I just wanted to take a moment to explain there is no conspiracy, there never was an alternate ending of episode 15x18 when Cas said, ‘I love you’. There apparently was a rogue translator. I also feel proud of the ending of Supernatural. I feel like it was intentionally inclusive and a celebration of someone expressing their truth and having good things come of it. Castiel is not a character that plays into any insidious trope of exclusion in Hollywood… In my opinion, Castiel’s declaration of love was done at his own volition with full knowledge of the consequences of those actions. He went on to rebuild heaven and his action literally saved the world. By making this declaration of love, he literally ends up saving the world. And if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is. I'm a little irked, that's my irked face.

It sure sounds like Misha Collins is rather displeased by this “rogue translator.” I personally like the way that Collins explained Castiel’s declaration of love and how it helped save the world. In an additional tweet, Collins also stated that Dean was “too stunned” by Castiel’s admission to reply at the time, but that the translator decided what should be said instead.

He goes on to say that he loves Supernatural fans and their passion. Misha Collins, above all, wants to celebrate the show’s message of “good triumphing over the forces of evil” and believes the world is better off because Supernatural's existence. You can watch Collins (and his irked face) in the video below.

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I think one of the most important things here is Misha Collins’ confirmation that Castiel didn’t die and stay gone forever. Rather, the angel went on to rebuild heaven. It’s something that Castiel has long wanted to do because he was previously disturbed by how much corruption there was in its ranks. I’m hoping the actor’s message sets fans’ minds at ease on all fronts.

All 15 seasons of Supernatural are available to stream on Netflix. For more on what to watch now that the series has ended, be sure to check out our fall TV guide and our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

Mae Abdulbaki