Are The Challenge's CT Tamburello And Lili Solaris Still Together?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Challenge: Double Agents preview episode. Read at your own risk!

The Challenge: Double Agents has only just begun, and already Season 36 has delivered some juicy but sad drama for fans. Longtime competitor and former Real World reality star Chris "CT" Tamburello entered the house looking the best he has in a few seasons. CT explained that he's finally back in shape, but with that return and body transformation came some sad news regarding his relationship with wife Lilianet Solares.

It turns out that the two stars, who met on The Challenge, split sometime before the beginning of Double Agents. CT spoke about the incident briefly, but mostly in regards to how it impacted his performances in past seasons.

The last few seasons I wasn’t in the best place mentally. Marriage was not going well. We’re separated, and I feel like I’ve been running from problems for a long time. I feel like they finally caught up with me. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. Now I’m coming in focused on myself, focused on work, focused on my son, focused on getting my head right getting back in shape, taking my life back. The dad bod era is over. It is now a fatherly figure.

The two were on the rocks at the time of The Challenge: Double Agents, but are Lilianet Solares and CT Tamburello still apart? Filming for the season began in September (via Variety), and has since wrapped, so it's possible the situation has changed for the two and their marriage. Right now it appears that things have improved between the couple and that there's reason to be optimistic for their future.

The evidence comes from CT's Instagram, where he posted a photo of Lilianet. Check out the photo from late November, which seems to show the two hanging out and having a good time.

A photo posted by on

I assume that people typically don't hang out and smile with their recently separated spouse unless things are looking up for them. This is all speculation of course, but if I had to guess, it seems like things may be going much better between them. CT did clarify in the comments of the picture that it wasn't their anniversary, he was just celebrating the fact they've known each other for six years.

The Challenge fandom may be inclined to root for CT and Lilianet, considering MTV made a big deal of their romance and even aired their marriage ceremony on the network. Perhaps the season (which features fan favorites from Survivor and even America's Got Talent) will bring some clarity as to what the problems were in their marriage, and CT will set the record straight on where they stand after the show.

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