Bridgerton Has At Least One Big Fan In The Royal Family

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By now, most of us probably realize that Bridgerton has been a big hit for Netflix. The freshman series, which debuted on Christmas day, quickly captured hearts, minds, and the tweeting thumbs of viewers everywhere. Audiences have fallen for the endearing performances, amazing period details, and strong storylines. Now, a member of the royal family has come out to admit to being a big Bridgerton fan.

While millions of people had been looking forward to the first show to come from Shonda Rhimes' deal with Netflix, in no small part because Bridgerton is based on a best-selling series of novels, there are a lot of new fans who have only discovered the story because of this adaptation. One of those people appears to be the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, who recently spoke about her love for the romantic drama, telling Us Weekly:

I adored Bridgerton so much that I watched it twice, deliberately. I’m obsessed with it. I think Daphne is a terrific character, as we see her learning about life. I love the way she learns to use her strong voice. It chimed with me because now is the time for women to speak up.

If that's not a ringing endorsement for Bridgerton, I think that maybe nothing is! Any time someone bothers to watch a full season of a series all the way through and then turn right back around and watch the whole thing again before a month has even passed, it's a clear sign that they enjoyed it. But, we all know how many distractions there are right now when it comes to TV-viewing habits, just among streaming choices alone, so the fact that Sarah Ferguson fell this hard for Bridgerton really says a lot.

Of course, I doubt that she's the only fan who decided to revisit the series almost immediately after finishing Season 1. As Ferguson said, a lot of people are obsessed with everything from the song choices and how the music is used, to the (rather naughty) sextimes, as well as the cast and their portrayals of some very memorable characters. Anyone who's tuned in to Bridgerton will know that Daphne does, indeed, learn a lot about life and love during the course of the season, and speaks up for herself when she she needs to, much like several of the other people we follow across eight episodes.

Right now, Bridgerton hasn't been guaranteed Season 2 on Netflix, but there have been hints that a potential renewal announcement will come before too long. At the very least, while we're still waiting, you can all feel free to revisit the Regency-set romance, as all of Season 1 is ready for viewing on Netflix right now. So, be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest on this and other news in TV, movies and pop culture!

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