Of Course The Boys’ First Season 3 Set Photo Involves A Crotch Shot

By now, if you don't realize that the Amazon hit The Boys is not your average superhero show, there will be no one who can claim that you've been paying even the slightest bit of attention. The dark comedy, which follows a group of vigilantes as they try to take down the (mostly) corrupt members of a supposed team of superheroes known as The Seven, relishes in serving up blood, gore, sex and all of the things that we don't typically see from shows about those with powers who fight crime. Now, Season 3 is finally filming, and you better believe that the first official photo from the set involves a crotch shot.

Showrunner Eric Kripke recently shared the news on Twitter that Season 3 of the beloved show is finally in production, but it came with a less than gentle reminder of all the debauched madness to come. Take a look!

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Well...Hellooooooo, Homelander! While it's clear that this blindingly gold statue of the very much not heroic leader of The Seven is wearing his full costume, as is expected, I can't help but notice that it does still seem that he's mostly naked and only (somehow) wearing his epaulets, belt and codpiece. I mean, really, isn't that exactly the kind of thing you'd expect someone as twisted and full of his own self-importance as Homelander to do? That man would likely be very proud of his crotch, dontcha think?

Right now, we are unsure of the particulars of what this photo might mean, but, if I recall correctly, we've never seen this statue of Homelander before, with the one of The Seven which has been seen at Vought's headquarters looking a lot more sculptural and naturalistic than this. Again, Homelander is a complete mess of a sorta-human, so I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that he had this vision of his likeness commissioned himself so that he could look upon it during his downtime between destroying innocents for his own nefarious purposes.

But, even I can admit, with all of my Homelander hatred, that it appears that this shot was taken in a new location for The Boys. With the size of the statue, the American flag in the background, and the general largess of the area, it's possible that it's a set for some sort of rally / conference or another event. Obviously, knowing this series, if this turns out to be true, said event will almost certainly reveal something horrible to either the audience or several of the characters, or just go sideways in the bloodiest manner.

We don't know a ton about The Boys Season 3 yet, but we've gotten one confirmed new cast member in former Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who'll be playing Soldier Boy, and is a supe with ties to Vought's dark history. Aside from that, it sounds like we'll be getting a supe orgy in Episode 6 and some pandemic-themed political shenanigans along the way. Also? The premiere is, apparently, titled "Payback," so we can pretty much expect some wild shit to go down from the jump when Season 3 picks up.

The exact premiere date of The Boys Season 3 is still a mystery, but until we learn more, you can see what's coming up with our guide to early 2021 TV!

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