Wynonna Earp's Melanie Scrofano And Tim Rozon Talk The Show's Legacy, But Is There Hope For Season 5?

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Spoilers ahead for the penultimate episode of Syfy's Wynonna Earp, called "Better Dig Two."

Only one episode of Wynonna Earp is left of the fourth season, which was announced back in February as the final season. With the show that has delivered some of television's wildest twists and turns hurtling toward its series finale, stars Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon opened up about the legacy of Wynonna Earp. At the same time with the finale approaching, fans are surely wondering: is there one more twist or turn left when it comes to Wynonna Earp, in the form of a renewal for Season 5? And after the events of the second-to-last episode, should it be renewed for Season 5?

Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon, who respectively play Wynonna Earp and Doc Holliday on the cult favorite series, recently spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets ahead of the Wynonna Earp finale. When asked what they think Wynonna Earp's legacy should be, Scrofano shared:

That however you present yourself to the world is okay. You don't need to tick other people's boxes, you just need to be whoever you are. And that's good enough. I also hope that people kind of see that you can be flawed and make mistakes, especially in the current age of social media and stuff. Wynonna is not perfect. She's done some bad things. But she's still worth... I mean, this goes for all the characters. She's still a good person. She's made mistakes, but she still has good things to offer to the world. So I guess just more accepting of people.

Wynonna may not always make the healthiest decisions as she copes with everything she's called upon to do, but Wynonna is also the hero of the series. In fact, "Better Dig Two" really showcased how deeply Wynonna cares about others, ranging from doing what needed to be done to save Rachel to having so much faith in Doc that she risked being shot in the back by the Clanton heir to making as much peace as she could with seemingly losing Waverly for good. At the same time, she was cracking jokes about threesomes and the O.K. Corral and basically being Wynonna at her best.

As of the end of "Better Dig Two," Doc is alive and well and de-vamped heading into the finale, reflection and all, so Tim Rozon will still be around despite Doc's close call after loading his own gun with the wrong bullets. Rozon shared his own thoughts on the legacy of Wynonna Earp, saying:

I would agree with everything Mel said. I thought that pretty much sums it up perfectly. And the only thing that I would say is, I think we're lucky enough that the fandom has already built their own legacy. And it's built on just on that, on acceptance and kindness. And so it's great because the legacy is already there and started and beautiful.

The Wynonna Earp fandom has definitely pulled out all the stops over the years when it comes to the show, its characters, and its relationships. Sadly, the upcoming Season 4 finale is indeed billed as the series finale, so the fandom may want to stock up on some tissues for next week's last episode. That said, we are currently in an era of reboots, revivals, and rescues for shows that have seemed as dead as if they were shot by Peacemaker, so is it possible that Wynonna Earp can still score a Season 5?

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Could Wynonna Earp Get Renewed For Season 5?

Wynonna Earp's cancellation came when there was every expectation of a Season 5, despite its status as a cult hit rather than any kind of history-making ratings winner, and when there weren't too many episodes left and a lot of plot threads still dangling. "Better Dig Two" arguably tied off a lot of loose ends within the span of one hour, but that doesn't mean fans will be ready to give up on the potential for a Season 5.

And it's possible that Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras also hasn't given up on the series possibly continuing. Andras spoke with THR a month after the cancellation was announced, and she dropped some comments that can be pretty encouraging to any fans who aren't yet ready to say goodbye. That's not to say that the odds are necessarily good for more Wynonna Earp, as the Season 4 finale still very much seems like the series finale, but Andras had this to say when asked where things stand on finding a new home for the show:

We are in meetings all the time and I am constantly getting an updated list from the producers ranking our targets of opportunity. I can't say who has said yes and who has said no. I can say that possibly someone you just mentioned is definitely in the mix. I would also say that in a weird way, while it may look more dire to the public, I think that season five is almost easier than season four because [Canadian distributor] Space stepped up in season four financially. We have an international distributor, Cineflix, that has sold out all over the world again. Netflix is still in as far as second window. All we need is a U.S. broadcaster, which is not as much moving around the chess pieces as it even was in season four. All the big people are in play, from IMDbTV to Paramount+, Hulu. Name a streamer, they have gotten a call from us.

Now, Emily Andras dropped these comments back in early March, nearly a month before the penultimate episode aired, and there have been no announcements about Wynonna Earp getting a second life anywhere since. The best we can say at this point is that there has at least been interest in continuing to tell the story of Wynonna Earp beyond whatever happens in the finale next week.

And hey, maybe the story could always be continued in another medium like a comic or a novel or even a one-off TV movie down the line. A renewal isn't impossible, but I'd still suggest that fans buckle up to say goodbye next week rather than raise hopes too high. Besides, based on what happened in "Better Dig Two," it's worth pondering: should the show return for another season?

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Should Wynonna Earp Be Renewed For Season 5?

The penultimate episode of the season really feels to me like a fitting penultimate episode of a series, and I mean that in the best way. Dark Angel Waverly? Dealt with, and problem presumably solved so long as Nicole stays true to her promise. WayHaught heartache? Fixed, and a wedding is in the works that hopefully won't be crashed by demons or monsters or revenants.

Doc's decision to be a vampire that threw a wrench in just about everything in his life? Not an issue, because he was de-vamped by his own desire. Wynonna's spiral? Seemingly broken, and it actually looks like she and Doc could be happy without any more self-sabotage. (Excuse me while I go knock on wood on that one.) Jeremy... well, Jeremy still lost Robin and his job, but he got to wear Doc's hat at the end, and that's something! Even Mercedes gets to be a vampire, which she was very excited about.

The resolution in this episode really felt to me like Wynonna Earp setting up deliver some happy endings in the finale for some characters that really, really, REALLY need to catch a break at this point. Of course, that sense of peace might mean that absolutely everything will be turned upside down five minutes into the finale, but if Wynonna Earp delivers something somewhat happy and cliffhanger-free with the Season 4 finale, maybe ending there wouldn't be so bad.

Tune in to Syfy on Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET to catch the fourth and final season finale of Wynonna Earp. For some viewing options once Wynonna's adventures have wrapped, check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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