The View's Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Weight Loss In New Dress

With all of the challenges that the last year has brought to many people, there was a frequently undesired side effect for a lot of folks which was brought on by quarantine. For several people, the lack of things to do outside of their own four walls, along with some pretty undesirable new stressors, led to possibly a bit more snacking than necessary, along with a general lack of physical activity. In turn, this caused some weight gain for some of us. This was true for a former co-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd, but now she's back on track and showing off her weight loss in a new dress.

Even during the events of the past year, Sherri Shepherd was a busy woman. While the comedian / actress / host wasn't able to get up on stage as she normally would, that didn't stop her from finding other ways to perform, including doing a very socially distanced stand up act outdoors where the audience all stayed in their cars, and beginning a podcast, Two Funny Mamas, with friend and fellow comedian, Kym Whitley. Sherri has spoken a lot over the past several months about wanting to get her health goals back on track, and now she's showing off her slimmer figure in a very form fitting dress in a shot she posted to Instagram. Take a look!

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Wooooo! Sexy, right? While Sherri Shepherd didn't specifically give a shout out to her weight loss in the caption for this post, from her talk of having friends who "challenge you to go higher, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone," it sounds like she may have had a lot of support from those around her when it came to meeting this new challenge. And, that's something we all need whether looking to meet certain goals or not.

Shepherd recently spoke to Closer Weekly, and noted that she had "been walking a few miles about three times a week" after gaining 25 pounds during quarantine. The busy entertainer was able to work all of that walking into her (probably) small amount of downtime, as she's been co-hosting daytime pop culture series Dish Nation since last August, along with her podcasting duties, and also has a role on the new ABC sitcom Call Your Mother.

Shepherd, who was also seen recently in the Netflix musical A Week Away, and had a rather "aggressive" time on The Masked Singer in 2019, did take another opportunity to show off her new shape in a different and even more joyous post, though, where she confirmed her 20 pound weight loss:

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Wellllll! Someone is very happy, isn't she? Good for you, Sherri! I'm sure a lot of people can relate to Sherri Shepherd saying she "relied on sugar & carbs (the bad ones), cookies & candy to get me through," but it sounds like she's managed to take control and get back to where she wanted to be. And, that's a desire that all of us can understand, even if we don't struggle with our health.

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