That Time Dave Chappelle 'Hijacked' Michael Che's Interview To Tell Funny Sean Combs Story

Chappelle and Michael Che 2021

Dave Chappelle’s friend circle extends beyond just comedy, as is evident by his relationships with certain musical artists, especially in hip hop. Given the number of photos that have circulated with him and hip-hop artists, it seems Chappelle is very cozy with the music community. These relationships have spawned some hilarious stories about interactions with certain artists. The comedy legend even recently hijacked Michael Che’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to tell a funny Sean Combs story.

After being in entertainment for decades, Dave Chappelle has amassed a considerable number of celebrity friends despite his low-key lifestyle. So, Chappelle’s unlikely friendship with Sean Combs may or may not surprise some. But faithful friends acknowledge each others' birthdays. In true Chapelle fashion, the comedian says he surprised Combs with an unexpected present. The comedian said about his birthday gift for the hip-hop mogul:

I have a weird gift story. I’m so sorry to interrupt, but it’s a good one. Years ago, when I was doing Chapelle’s Show, it was Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Comb’s birthday. Guess what I bought him for his birthday? What do you get the guy that has everything? A Sean John sweatsuit. A valor Sean John sweatsuit.

Being the comedic genius he is, Dave Chappelle closed out the story by sending Sean Combs birthday well wishes. As Chappelle pointed out, the business mogul has the finest of everything. So, why not give Combs a piece of his own hip-hop clothing line? At the time, Comb’s Sean John clothing line was necessary for any hip hop lover along with Rocawear, Enyce and Marc Ecko. Imagine the hip-hop mogul walking around his mansion in a sweatsuit from his multi-million brand?

Dave Chappelle’s funny Sean Combs birthday story came on the heels of Michael Che sharing another hilarious birthday story. Che revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that he and fellow "Weekend Update" anchor Colin Jost’s birthday are close in time. So, given the camaraderie between the two, they’ve made it a thing to give each other funny gifts every year. To hear Chappelle and Che’s hilarious gift-giving stories, check out Che’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview below:

It's not often that late night interviews get "hijacked" by different celebs, but it's been a year of a lot of changes in general. In fact, Sean Combs recently made waves after officially changing his name to Sean Love Combs. The name wasn’t anything new considering the multihyphenate had been using Love in some capacity for a few years. Of course, for longtime fans of Combs, the name changes aren’t unusual. But in the age of social media, everyone needed proof, so the businessman posted his Florida driver’s license as a response. So, Dave Chappelle’s story was also a nice throwback to one of many names Combs has gone by.

Dave Chappelle’s celebrity moments and anecdotes are the best part of his comedy routines or interviews. Some are sincere and insightful while others are surreal and hilarious at their best. Hopefully, this won’t be the last celebrity story Chappelle will gift viewers and fans. I look forward to more celebrity run-ins with the comedy genius in the future.

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