After Lovecraft Country Cancellation, Creator Says Bye-Bye To HBO For New Streaming Deal

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Television cancellations aren't uncommon, but some cancellations will make you scratch your head. That was the case for HBO abruptly giving the axe to Lovecraft Country. While viewers were upset, Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green took everything in stride. A week after the series’ unexpected but official cancellation, the creator is leaving HBO for a new streaming deal.

According to Deadline, Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green inked a lucrative multi-year deal with tech giant Apple to create and develop television projects for streamer Apple TV+. Green’s latest deal was the result of a highly competitive Hollywood bidding war to woo her away from HBO. The deal served as a reunion of sorts for the Underground creator.

Apple executives Zack Van Amburg, Jamie Erlicht, Cherniss, and Rita Cooper Lee had previously worked with Misha Green at another network. They all worked together at WGN to bring Green’s first acclaimed drama Underground to the small screen. But the writer-director’s move to Apple TV+ wasn’t too surprising.

Just last week, the news broke that HBO had cancelled Lovecraft Country after one season despite all the critical acclaim. This news came as a surprise given HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed in February that Misha Green was developing the second season of Lovecraft Country. What made the cancellation even more surprising was that the series was previously the highest-rated debut on HBO Max. So, the development threw off many fans of the sci-fi drama.

This news didn’t stop the Lovecraft Country creator from sharing her proposed second season. Misha Green took to her Twitter to share how far she was into developing Season 2. She revealed a proposed U.S. map from the story bible of Lovecraft Country: Supremacy. To get a full view of Green’s Season 2 map, check out her tweet below:

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After releasing the map, Misha Green later came back to Twitter to clear up a misunderstanding. She decided to post the story bible description of the portion known as “Whitelands.”

Despite the cancellation, Misha Green was able to move on from the news proudly. Green was already attached to write and direct the sequel to the Alicia Vikander-headlined Tomb Raider. That project is just one of many projects in the works, including a Cleopatra Jones revival and an action film entitled Fuel. So, Green had plenty going on before Lovecraft Country’s unexpected cancellation.

At least, Misha Green can create some new and unique television series for AppleTV+. The Apple streamer is making its presence known with an ever-expanding roster of talent in a competitive streaming market. While Season 2 isn’t happening right now, you can catch Lovecraft Country and its explosive finale on HBO Max.

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