The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar Is The Latest Celeb To Take A Social Media Break, But This Time It's For A Fun Reason

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Social media breaks are very much needed, especially if your livelihood depends on it. Since The Big Bang Theory’s conclusion, Kunal Nayyar has turned his focus towards self-help on social media, and he has served as a voice of calm and self-reflection since the pandemic began. However, even self-help gurus need some time away from such platforms, and Nayyar has decided to take a social media break. But unlike many celebrities, he's doing so for a fun reason.

The Big Bang Theory alum took to Instagram to reveal the real reason behind his social media absence. And I honestly think anyone can relate to his reason for taking a short leave of absence. The actor captioned his post:

Just on an extended vacation. Back in 10 days. Love you, love you, love you.

Given his devotion to helping others online, some quality family time is well deserved for Kunal Nayyar. To see the actor and self-help guru’s message in full, check out Nayyar’s original post below:

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After spending a year at home in quarantine, Kunal Nayyar’s family vacation is just part of the world gradually opening. Millions of people are starting to venture beyond their homes for some enjoyment. Staying inside with limited outside contact can be overwhelming and unhealthy after a while. But at least the Big Bang Theory alum’s Instagram absence was a fun choice compared to other Hollywood stars.

In the last few years. more celebrities have been leaving social media for mental health and safety reasons. The biggest example of this social media detachment was Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran. She chose to leave social media in 2018 after facing ongoing harassment from some displeased Star Wars fans over her character, Rose Tico. Unfortunately, the interactions between her and Star Wars fans had become so toxic at one point where she was receiving death threats.Of course, this prompted many in Hollywood to speak up in support of her.

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But the Raya and the Last Dragon star doesn't regret leaving social media. Kelly Marie Tran previously explained that she had to what was best for her and, ultimately, she seems to be a lot happier now that she's no longer using platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

We've also seen situations that are a bit more recent. For example, Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy Teigen made news earlier this year by announcing her departure from Twitter. She explained that this was due to her feeling as though she was letting people down whenever she posted something they didn't like. She would return to the platform less than a month later, but this would ultimately be accompanied by more drama than expected.

Despite these situations, not all social media have been dubious.Some stars take social media breaks for professional reasons. Rebel Wilson announced her break from Instagram while filming an upcoming project earlier this year.

Given the number of celebrities who backlash receive regularly, it is a wonder more stars don’t step away from social media more often or just leave completely. But at the end of the day, many stars who are on social media are aware of the repercussions of being on a platform. Trolls are as old as the internet but, hopefully, more people will respect celebrities and their privacy if they chose to step away from these platforms from time to time.

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